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You'll Fall in Love with These New Features Found in Windows 11

By Dr.Dang March 22, 2022, 7:14 p.m.
You'll Fall in Love with These New Features Found in Windows 11

Microsoft is yet to announce Windows 11 features publicly. Still, those using the test version of the OS spotted the features inside the Settings menu. A few days ago, Microsoft confirmed testing more Windows experimental features. However, little was familiar about them. Even so, preview versions indicate new sustainability and focus options.

Windows 11 got released only a few months ago – in October 2021. So then, it is crucial to keep it and your antivirus software updated. This helps avoid potential security issues.

The "Secret" New features

Among the improved features is one that will assist users to remain focused. Focus Assist already exists in Windows 10. Yet, it seems that it will get renamed simply Focus. Also, Focus will provide more granular options. This includes the ability to schedule through Outlook.
As a result, you can buy yourself some quiet time and ignore distractions.
According to Albacore, a Windows enthusiast, desktop stickers are also coming. One will "be able to configure [stickers] using a new Sticker Editor app; they'll persist across wallpaper changes as long as you don't use a slideshow, use Fill fit & have only 1 monitor."
Policies regarding this additional feature reference education usage. Moreover, the feature may be part of Windows 11 SE. This is the consumer-facing version of Windows 11. Further, Microsoft is presently shipping to students at a low price point.
Additionally, users will have the option to hide the taskbar on tablet devices. The same will apply to a 'sustainability' section in the Settings Menu. The latter will offer users tips regarding energy saving and recycling parts of the device.

A Big Year for Microsoft

Microsoft is preparing for a year of experimenting with Windows 11. In fact, it plans to assess features through testing procedures. The procedures may ultimately never get rolled out commercially.
The Windows Insider Program will get depended on "more heavily" for its views. The program gives views on:

Individual features
Long lead items
New ideas in general

"Some of our more technical Insiders have discovered that some features are intentionally disabled in the builds we have flighted…this is by design, and in those cases, we will only communicate about features that we are purposefully enabling for Insiders to try out and give feedback on," said program lead Amanda Langowski

Why is it Crucial to Have an Antivirus on Windows 11?

Having reputable antivirus software is essential for all businesses, regardless of size. Still, it's particularly crucial for US businesses. The reason is the country gets targeted more than any other by ransomware gangs.
However, having an antivirus installed on devices with Windows OS is more crucial. Windows devices are more prone to viruses than devices with other operating systems. This is partly due to the largest market share of any desktop OS they have. In addition to that, the historical security issues.
With new pieces of software, there are always risks that follow. For instance, the risk that hackers will discover new vulnerabilities. Even worse, before security researchers identify them. Yet, in January, patches for Windows 11 got released. So, it is crucial to equip yourself with deterrents.

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