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Why They Dumped Osama Bin Laden Into Sea

By Dr.Dang March 22, 2022, 8:16 p.m.
Why They Dumped Osama Bin Laden Into Sea

It's undeniable that Osama Bin Laden's death in 2014 left the whole paralyzed. The ronowned former terrorist met his death after being cornered by the U.S army under leadership of then president Barack Obama. So then, here's why they dumped his body into the sea instead of burying him.

Why They Dumped his Body Into Sea

Many were shocked to learn that the U.S had managed to bring down Bin Laden. Al Qaeda, under the leadership of Bin Laden, had caused millions of deaths worldwide. The Al Qaeda leader was ambushed by a special unit of the US special unit called Seal Team Six.

At first as the news spread, many couldn't believe it. But as time went on, the reality hit many people that the world's most wanted terrorist had been knocked down. The mission being properly calculated, the man was taken down within a very short time and his burial arranged immediately.

And because some of the world's smartest brains were involved, it didn't involve much effort. Their approach worked perfectly well, mostly being that the person involved was a more lethal terrorist. They buried him at sea. Many however presumed that the body was thrown into the sea.

Now, there's very little difference between throwing into sea and burying into sea. But in Bin Laden's case, it was a burial. The soldiers went a notch higher and ensured that the world's enemy would never see sea life again. It was however unusual since bodies are often buried in graves on land. But honestly, this was Bin Laden. And what you didn't know also is that after 24 hours, they were done with the whole operation plus burial.

Burial At Sea

Based on various reports, burying Bin Laden on sea could have led to very many controversies. His tomb could not only be the centre of attraction but also a struggle for many who would have liked to possess his body. During an interview, a U.S official stated that it wouldn't be easy to deny any country the body. This is because Osama was someone with a massive criminal record for mass murder. The United States therefore decided to bury the body at sea.

It was also feared that his burial site would become a refuge for islamists. So burial at sea isn't common in any religion including Islamic, but in this case, it was suited. And again, Islamic culture allows sea burial in odd cases like Osama's case. There was also that the reason he was buried at sea is because the man wasn't Bin Laden. Well, this is a deeply rooted story. We beg to end it for today.

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