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Why the Mariana’s Web is More Mysterious

By Noir Sept. 29, 2021, 9:03 a.m.
Why the Mariana’s Web is More Mysterious

What is deeper than the dark web? Mariana’s web is the name given to the deepest part of the internet. As you can see, it got its name from the deepest trench in the world. The trench is approximately seven miles deep. As a result, most of its parts remain unknown.

Even so, scientists are still studying what resides in its dark depth. Thus, the deepest part o the internet got named after it. Clearly, there are different layers of the internet. Yet, we can only access the first layer, which is the Surface Web, with ease. After that comes the Bergie web, Deep web, Charter web, and then Mariana’s web.

What is it exactly?

The Mariana’s web is darker and more dangerous than the darknet. It may seem like a myth, but it really exists. Moreover, people believe it contains the secrets of powerful agencies. Also, some say the web hosts secret data of governments and agencies.

Rumors About the Mariana’s Web

Still, there is no actual proof of what the Mariana web contains. As a result, many rumors have come up. For instance, people say a powerful artificial intelligence system runs the web. The AI can feel, perceive, and monitor all the activities happening on the internet. However, there is no proof to prove the rumor.
Another rumor is that the web contains humankind’s darkest secrets. As an example, it has the location of the Atlantis. Likewise, it may have an intelligence agency archive database.
Also, people say that the web consists of closed-shell systems. So then, it can only get accessed via a rare LAN Network using Quantum Computer. To conclude the rumors, some hackers say they invented Mariana’s web. The reason being, they were getting blackmailed by the FBI.

How to Access the Mysterious Web

Unlike the dark web, you can’t use Tor to access the Mariana’s web. In fact, accessing the website takes more than that. According to a rumor, you must calculate an algorithm called Polymeric Falcighol Derivation. Yet, there is doubt that the complex algorithm is real.
Further, you cannot perform this calculation on just any computer. Instead, you require a quantum computer that isn’t available to the public. There is a good reason for the computer’s unavailability. This is because they need some extreme conditions to function well. As an example, the computer’s processor can only run in an extreme environment.
It can only work a high vacuum pressure. One that is ten billion times lower than the earth’s atmosphere. Because of the unique requirements, the computers get mainly owned by government entities. For this reason, only a few people probably access the Mariana’s web.
Like the regular web, Mariana’s web has many topics but is mainly illegal. Furthermore, it has many criminals and trolls who thrive on fear and misdirection. People say the Mariana’s web was a great place to get free Bitcoins back in the day.
Lastly, the purpose of this web is to cooch anonymity. In addition, you should research more about the Mariana’s web. Is it the biggest internet mystery?

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