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When Child Left in a Waikato Hospital was Revealed by a Dark Web Paedo

By J.Austine Oct. 7, 2021, 6:05 p.m.
When Child Left in a Waikato Hospital was Revealed by a Dark Web Paedo

Oranga Tamariki failed to find a home for a child. As a result, the agency left the child in a Waikato hospital, and he stayedd there for nine weeks. The child left in hospital experienced “feelings of abandonment.”

Cyber attackers then posted documents on the dark web. The documents revealed that the staff of the hospital was concerned by aspects of the agency’s work. Waikato District Health Board members said they were “extremely distressed.” They said this about the agency’s treatment of a traumatized child.
Now, the dark web is part of the internet, not encrypted by conventional search engines. However, the platform is a hotbed for criminal activity. Still, not all activities conducted here are dubious. So to access it, use an anonymizing browser called Tor. Also, the dark web has the world’s largest marketplace, called the dark market. Remember, the black market is where people’s data is sold.
Besides, RNZ broadcasted this story. Equally important, RNZ is a New Zealand-based news platform. And for sure, the documents raise questions of public importance. The District Health Board got approached to comment. Oranga Tamariki however said they were unable to comment.

RNZ’s View on the Case of Child Left in Hospital

Remember, RNZ’s view in reporting the story was due to the public interest. They considered very carefully the source of material on which reporting was based. All care has been taken to protect the interests and identity of the child involved.
All documents involved got handled well. In other words, RNZ did not keep any confidential patient information.
News reports say that the incident was a retaliation to the hospital’s refusal to pay the ransom. In this situation, the amount remained undisclosed. DHB took its stand not to pay the ransom. For instance, making the payment would not solve their problem.

Documents of Waikato DHB Released on the Dark Web

In May this year, there was a ransomware attack that crippled five hospitals’ IT systems. Following that, documents from Waikato DHB got posted on the dark web. RNZ saw screenshots of what appeared to be a link directory of confidential information.
The documents reportedly included data of patients and staff. Moreover, they also included financial data, correspondence, and medical records. Waikato DHB confirmed that some of the information was now on the dark web. They however worked with cybersecurity experts to identify and manage any potential disclosures.

“We don’t know how many people have been affected because, at this stage, we are working through the data,” DHB said.
The DHB sent notifications to affected individuals. The notifications included advice to the patients and staff on how to protect themselves and their data. DHB requested media organizations to deal with the material sensitively. This was to avoid undue stress to affected individuals

Some of the restored services include:

Radiation therapy
Diagnostics from laboratory and radiology services
Tracking and recording patients as they move through the DHB’s hospitals
Medic access to patients’ full medical information
The attack consequently brought the services of the affected hospitals to a grinding halt. The staff resorted to manual workarounds to continue caring for patients. Patients needing specialist treatment have to travel to other DHBs.

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