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What Is Your Worth on The Dark Web? A Whopping $1000

By Noir Sept. 22, 2021, 4 p.m.
What Is Your Worth on The Dark Web? A Whopping $1000

The dark web is a black marketplace where peole can trade data, and personal information. And your data might probably be for sale in the darknet. So, what’s your worth on the darknet?

The dark web is a sub-section of the internet that draws great interest. You can only access the dark web or darknet through unique browsers like Tor. It’s a black marketplace where criminals trade drugs, weapons, stolen data, and personal information. You might be unaware, but your data might be for sale in the darknet. So, keep reading to know “what is your worth in the dark web?”
While the darknet is legal, it is home to criminal activities. After hackers breach your data, they obtain your information. After the attack, the criminals can do two things with your personal details. Firstly, they can use it themselves to directly assess your accounts. Secondly, they can auction it in the dark market.
Once your personal data is up for sale, buyers can obtain them. The buyers can use them for financial gain. Also, the buyers can use the data for doxing. Doxing is an act where malicious individuals publish your personal information online.

What Is Your Worth on The Dark Web?

Just how valuable is your information to cybercriminals? Well, it might be a whopping $1000 or even more. You might be surprised by your worth in the dark web. In the black market, there are various pieces of stolen information. Several factors determine the value of your data.
Below are some of the most common information sold in the dark market. This includes the range of their worth.
Social Security number: $1
Credit card details: $5-$110
Fullz information: $30
Online payment services login info (e.g., PayPal): $20-$200
Loyalty accounts: $20
Subscription services: $1-$10
Diplomas: $100-$400
Driver's license: $20
Passports (US): $1000-$2000
Medical records: $1-$1000
Fallz is an information bundle that holds a complete package for fraudsters. It contains names, account numbers, SSN, and even dates of birth. This makes them in high demand as they do significant damage.
Furthermore, medical records can be very expensive. This depends on how complete they are. It can be a single record or a complete database.

How Do Cybercriminals Purchase Your Information in The Darknet?

Criminals in the dark market trade using cryptocurrency. These are digital coins like Bitcoin and Monero. Cryptocurrencies ensure that the money can’t be easy linked to the criminal. They also use the Tor browser to conceal their darknet footprints. These tools ensure that law enforcement agencies can’t easily track them.
The criminals use three main ways to trade your personal information. These include:
One-off purchase
Bulk purchases
Bundled data purchases
One-off purchases are single purchases like social security numbers. Conversely, bulk purchases include buying batches of similar information. On the other hand, bundle data purchases are premium packages. These include various data types bundled together.

What Determines Your Worth on The Dark Web?

Four main factors determine your worth in the black market. These factors determine the cost of information traded in the marketplace. These factors are:
The supply and demand of the information
The type of data
The balance of the auctioned accounts
The limits of the information and the ability to reuse it

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