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What is Networking?

By J.Austine Nov. 15, 2021, 10:40 p.m.
What is Networking?

It's beyond doubt that networking and computer technology is improving everyday. Thanks to the increase in demand, many services and solutions have become available to us. It's unfortunate however, that most people still do not have full access to computer technology. In this article, we are putting in layman's language the difference between RDP and VPs.

What is Networking

The vast majority of companies we know use computer networking for everyday tasks. Regardless of how big or small the company is, computer networking has become a strong component in the equation.
In computer networking, there are many names included such as: Proxy, Remote Desktop, VPS, VPN, VLan, and others. And they all stand for the same technique.

Definition of related terms

So What is Proxy?

Now, a proxy server serves as an intermediary medium between two servers. It's usually being used to access information that is already banned on your network by an ISP. For example, when you request a web page or a file, the proxy will analyze that request. After analyzing and proving, it further connects you with the respective server.
Simply put, a proxy server is any machine that translates traffic between networks or protocols. It's an intermediary server separating end-user clients from the destinations that they browse.

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The term is very popular among web hosting enthusiasts and providers. It basically means a virtual box or a virtual machine (VM). One can use it with or without a domain name.
VPS is being created for hosting purposes. For example, you can host your website on a VPS.
It's a virtualized box which gives users dedicated server resources, storage and bandwidth.
The VPS runs its own copy of an operating system (0S). Customers may get root access to the operating system instance. VPS is however being sold as a web hosting service

Finally, What is Remote Desktop Protocol? (RDP)

While VPS is a server on its own, RDP is a protocol and is also called a terminal service .
You can use RDP on a Windows VPS to access clients information. For more of such educative content, don't hesitate to come back to noirdotnews.

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