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Want To Be a Darknet Drug Lord? Read On!

By J.Austine Nov. 12, 2021, 5:11 p.m.
Want To Be a Darknet Drug Lord? Read On!

Are you tired of your cookie-cutter life of working at a no-name startup? Are you sick of getting paid in stock and empty promises? Do you long for a taste of the good life? Well, let's talk about your future as a dark web drug lord.

To become a dark web drug lord, there are a few things to consider. Assuming you are already decided and have a product to trade in the dark market. There are legal, technical, and operational steps to take to become a drug lord. Read on to find out.

Legal/Political Step to Becoming a Dark Web Drug Lord

First and foremost, you need to learn the legal, political, and historical angles. Read on histories of drug lords and cartels from the 20th century. Learn everything about their rise and fall. Make sure you have a great understanding of that.
After that, read available resources on busted dark market vendors. You should also cover cybercrime investigations. It's good to know the strategies of law enforcement agencies. You'll realize that almost all drug kingpins either get murdered or go to jail.
That's why you'll need a good lawyer. Make plans to pay them when the authority seizes everything you own. Additionally, you should do some research on two essential areas. These are specifically, Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties and Extradition Treaties.

Technical Steps

The technical part of running a hidden service isn't easy. It's even harder to evade getting owned by cops. It's more than just installing stuff and crossing your fingers. But don't worry, we got you covered. We have recommendations to help with damage control.
You can only trade on the black market using special software like bitwasp and Tor. But don't rush to install the apps. You have to understand how Tor works. Visit freehaven.net and go through the white papers in detail.
Read until you ran out of material to read. Focus on the hidden service papers. Make sure that you understand everything. If you fail to understand something, revisit it when you have more knowledge.
Most papers elaborate on some of the concepts with slight introduction differences. Don't skill over the documents. Why? You might read a rewording that clarifies an idea.
Moreover, you should regularly revisit with freehaven. Once you are conversant with the material, you'll be good to go. Also, be sure to go through with the Tor project's mailing lists.

Operational Security of a Darknet Drug Lord

This step is essential, especially when things start to go south. If everything else breaks down, you should follow this step closely. It could be the difference between conviction and freedom.
Always make sure to transparently proxy your tor device. It's a great line of defense. Still, it's far from the only strategy to protect yourself.
Never contaminate your normal identity with your Onion Land identity. You are an upcoming drug lord. Go out and get another computer. Still, it doesn't have to be the most expensive or the best. Just make sure it can run Linux.
Moreover, you shouldn't run your new onion empire from a location associated with you. Also, leave your phone behind when heading out to do business. This prevents anyone from tracking you through cell towers.
Always take counter-measures to change your writing in the black market. And, of course, don't forget to trade through cryptocurrency.

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