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Wall St Market Buyer from Essex Sent to 5 Years in Jail for Purchasing Drugs & Guns

By NoirDotAuthor Oct. 20, 2020, 9:10 p.m.
Wall St Market Buyer from Essex Sent to 5 Years in Jail for Purchasing Drugs & Guns

A COCAINE addict with a drug purifying lab in his home office has been jailed for more than five years after attempting to get hold of an illegal gun. Frazer Jamieson ordered the Glock pistol and ammunition under the name of a previous tenant to his home in Colchester Road, Elmstead Market.

Authorities became aware of the delivery and intercepted it, replacing the gun with a dummy parcel.

Police were watching his home and raided it when they were confident Jamieson had opened the package.

The fake gun and rounds were found concealed in a punch bag in the garage.

Jamieson had a gun licence and several other legally owned firearms, but knew it was illegal to possess this type of self-loading pistol.

Analysis of Jamieson’s laptop showed that he had been using the dark web – and a site called Wall Street Market which has since been shut down by German police – to make regular orders of high purity cocaine from as far afield as Peru and Colombia and other drugs with the username Onion Blush.

There was no indication of how he had bought the gun.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard a further search of the house uncovered chemistry equipment in a room upstairs which was used to purify the drugs still further.

The discovery of that lab meant specialist ambulance and fire service teams were called in to help police with the operation.

Police also uncovered MDMA, psychedelic drug DMT, cannabis and GHB when they searched the house.

The 49-year-old admitted attempting to possess a prohibited firearm and ammunition, being concerned in the importation of cocaine and possession of class A and class B drugs.

Lisa Bald, mitigating, said Jamieson had bought the drugs to feed his habit and was suffering badly having been remanded in custody during the coronavirus outbreak.

“He has caused the complete destruction of his own life,” she said.

“Things have imploded for him – he is an intelligent man, well educated, had a good job and paid his taxes.”

Judge Timothy Walker jailed Jamieson for five-and-a-half-years.

“You knew what you were doing my importing drugs, albeit for your own personal use,” he said.

“To do so, you went through the dark web which needs a certain level of expertise to even find the right market place.

“The sentencing for firearms offences are rightly severe.

“There is limited mitigation as you fully intended to possess the firearm and associated ammunition.

“Importation of drug offences are also rightly treated severely.”

The seized drugs will be destroyed.

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