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VPN, Tor Browser, Cryptocurrency Account:  Why Your Government Thinks You're a Criminal If You Have These 3 Things

By Noir Sept. 21, 2021, 6:30 a.m.
VPN, Tor Browser, Cryptocurrency Account

With the advancement in technology, the internet is now home to many activities. While most people use the internet for legal activities, some use it for crime. The dark web is a hidden section of the internet that hosts criminal activities. You need specific tools to access and transact on the dark web. Having these tools may make the government think you're a criminal.

Most people view the darknet as a dangerous section of the internet. This is because it is home to illegal activities. In the dark market, people trade drugs, weapons and even hire assassins. Although these claims are valid, the dark web is legal unless you use it for criminal acts. Moreover, it is a secure place for whistleblowers and journalists to publish their stories.
Cybercriminals use VPNs, the Tor browser, and cryptocurrency accounts to trade in the darknet. These tools help criminals to deal in the dark market without ant footprints. This makes it hard for the government to track them down. Therefore, the government keeps its eyes on individuals using these 3 things.

Why Having a Tor Browser Makes the Government Think You're a Criminal?

As mentioned earlier, you can only access the darknet via a unique network like Tor. Tor uses multilayer encryption to secure your online activities. Moreover, the encryption conceals the footprints of your internet traffic. Therefore, it is impossible for someone to track your dark market activities.
Furthermore, Tor's encryption system keeps your host websites hidden. Still, the internet service provider and law enforcement can still know that you're using Tor. The anonymizing capabilities of Tor make it an attractive tool for cybercriminals.
Many criminals use the Tor browser to trade in the dark web. Hence, Tor has gained a reputation as a criminal tool. Therefore, simply connecting to the Tor network makes the government think you're a criminal. Some countries have even blocked Tor.

The Virtual Private Network

When using the Tor Browser, your internet provider can see that you are online. You can use VPN to hide you're the fact that you are using Tor. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) secures all your internet traffic. Furthermore, it directs it through a different server in a different location. Therefore, nobody except for the VPN provider can know that you're using Tor.
Using a VPN guarantees you extra protection and privacy online. The tool ensures that you're secure, unrestricted, and more anonymous in the darknet. It enables you to use the internet with a different IP address. Therefore, nobody can link your online activities back to you.

Having a Cryptocurrency Account

People use cryptocurrency to trade on the dark web. Cryptocurrencies are systems that enable individuals to make secure payments online. The payments get denominated as virtual tokens represented by internal system ledger entries. The major digital currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Namecoin.
Cryptocurrencies are generated through mining to verify each activity on a blockchain. However, nobody can use the transaction data in the blockchain to identify you. This is because the data has no physical address, name, or personal information of users. Hence, cryptocurrencies are anonymous to a certain level.
The anonymity of digital currencies complicates the work of the authority. The coins make it challenging to identify individual transactions and connect them to users. Therefore, when you have a cryptocurrency account, the government assumes you're a criminal.

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