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Versus Market Hacked For The Third Time

By Dr.Dang May 26, 2022, 4:55 p.m.
Versus Market Hacked For The Third Time

Confirming the hack on Dead forum, different market administrators wrote about how Versus market stopped operations. Renowned AlphaBay Admin, DeSnake and Paris are some of the notable names who confirmed the versus market hack. 

Versus Market Hacked 

Announcement of the hack

<u>DeSnake writes</u>

"Disclaimer: Before I begin with the post I would like to point out that I do not have anything against /u/WilliamGibson himself. Yes I do not think security (getting hacked 3 times) and stability (offline almost all the time during DDoS) is on point. Especially for their status as a marketplace, even more so 3 years down the line. Yes, their inability to get their Staff issues/communication spills over theàqbusiness. And the posts from customers speaks for that. However at the very least they kept going and were providing a platform for people to trade.

I was contacted around a day ago by the hacker /u/threesixty about the security issues on Versus. As with everything I take it with a cup full of salt before I do my own verification. I took a look at his profile and of course it was a new one. It led me even further to believe this to be FUD. He had created a post on the Versus subdread /post/e408c16ab482106c4eea/ which got surprisingly little attention for the details that it was outlining and claiming.

Further details

I decided to ask him for further details and in an encrypted PGP message he provided an interesting amount of information. Now anyone could have created that information so the only way to verify it was to test myself. I was almost certain it had been patched by Versus... but even after the post threesixty had done the vulnerability was still sitting there plain as day. It allowed anyone to browse through the system and potentially escalate to full control over the server.

Together with the good-willed hacker 360, we were able to get even more proof. So on top of what he had recovered initially, indeed it is the real server of Versus. All proof was provided to Paris right before putting this post up.

The Vulnerability

Testing the vulnerability was straightforward and as threesixty said, a textbook one. There was no complexity in it or discovering it. How no one has reported it or fixed it in 3 years. I do not understand. Complete props go to him for finding it.

The Impact

Complete takeover. Database, files, cryptocurrency wallets (of course those that have used multisig are okay either way), real IP exposed etc. Complete pwn.

From threesixties (and mine) side nothing has been taken or modified in any shape or form. Only information was downloaded such as databases and files (including system ones to prove the existence) which would allow us to prove the vulnerability exists to other high ranking people like /u/Paris . Cryptocurrency wallets were never touched.

Given the issues with security that are now happening for the 3rd time in the market's history, Staff problems also affect Versus. I have no doubt that affects the security and maintenance of the marketplace. Staff are a core part of the marketplace without Staff administrators, and vice versa. So for all of you marketplace admins make sure your Staff are well, financially and in other ways. When you are an employer it is your duty to ensure you create a good environment for individual employees to thrive and grow both professionally and personally…" DeSnake continued even further with the PGP signed message. 

Paris further writes about versus market

"/u/DeSnake has provided me with the exploit and rationale. I have personally verified it.


The exploit is extremely simple but compromising. It allows for full access to the underlying file system on the server. This includes information within the /etc/ directory as well as wallet directories. It is a full information compromise of the system. Everything to the server's IP address, to the backup of the database in the admin home folder. And even to the wallet files themselves. I am able to traverse nearly the entire file system with web server level access. There is no jail, WAF, and minimal care to limit the information disclosure in the event of a web server compromise. I am able to view the history of IP addresses which have previously accessed the server.

This is a major compromise and it is very easy to find and pull off. Even a simple scriptkitty that is running a web server tester will find this exploit. /u/WilliamGibson I will be passing this information over to you. This shouldn't be a problem with even the most basic jailing practices on the web server layer.

Until such time as this is fixed nobody should use Versus. I can't say that enough. This entire server is probably compromised already by law enforcement and being monitored. It is a total compromise and is without a doubt one of the worse outcomes to a simple security exploit I have seen in a very long time." 

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