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Top Ethical Hacking Tools A Professional Hacker Should Know

By Dr.Dang May 23, 2022, 6:36 p.m.
Top Ethical Hacking Tools A Professional Hacker Should Know

Hacking tools? How do hackers hack? Which type of machines do they use? I can call it a game. It is typically technical in nature like creating malvertising that deposits malware in a drive-by attack requiring no user interaction. It is not always a malicious act, but it is an illegal activity associated with  data theft by cyber Criminals.

Hacking Tools A Professional Hacker Should Know

Clear reasons have not been given to date why hacking is done. In fact, many, (me included) d believed that it is unethical. Well, let's check some reasons for hacking. It is a basic bragging right, curiosity, for revenge, challenge, theft for financial gain, sabotage, and blackmail.

Some technical tools have been improvised to help the highly qualified make their work easier. New ideas and tricks are coming up at the moment as the world becomes digitized. Therefore, it makes some sense when technology experts are on their feet all the time equipped with the right ethical hacking tools. Here are top ten ethical hacking tools that may help you, bend and pick the one that best suits you. 


It is one of the tools with an open-source GUI security mostly applied in web applications. It holds some distinct characteristics that are anonymous which makes one understand very fast. The top brainers can renovate this tool or they can create their own scanners using this framework. 

Iron WASP is developed using <u>Python and Ruby.</u> So experts who understand these two terms may have an easier task to get into and explore the platform. For  beginners, it can as well act as a marvelous tool to check their ethical hacking skills.

John The Ripper

In grading, it is the second best tool but preferred by some hackers over others. In terms of security and sealing on properties, it is one of the best. It can be used to test the strength of password, which entails more operating systems like. Windows, macOS, and Linux, for precision. 

It is free in nature that can be used to make the strongest and a versatile password. Ripper has been preferred to be used in this area because it can combine different features into one package. John The Ripper is capable of altering its password test and decode it. This is actually possible due to its brute force technology. Most people usually go for this tool because of the uniqueness in it.


At all corners, let's see the connections of ettercap. An intelligent man whose whereabouts has not been traced came up with the tool that combines all features, values and procedure for use. To count but a few, sniffing live connections, and content filtering on the fly through a packet capture tool that can write packets back into the network.

In addition, Ettercap has a <u>GUI interface</u> and command-line execution feature. Above all, dissecting protocols has been made easier for a reason of its network analysis.Preferably, the tool can be applied and used by both the experts and beginners. 


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