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Tips From Cybersecurity Experts To Stop Hackers and Their Evil Plans

By Dr.Dang April 30, 2022, 6:35 p.m.
Tips From Cybersecurity Experts To Stop Hackers and Their Evil Plans

People  live in the digital world  where everything  is done using  the computer online. The computer  has made several  activities  to become more easy  and globalised. Therefore,  the use of computer has a greater  positive  effect  to human activities in general . Despite this, the online users  have become  <u>fraudsters</u> and are trying  to threaten  the use of the computer  by Hacking  several online  accounts .  This has caused  severe  fear and makes several online users  to come up with several tips on how these hackers can be tracked . Tracking  the hackers  will actually  reduce  the problem  and therefore should  be taken  of great value  to online users. 

Tips From Cybersecurity Experts 

Globally,  hacking  has become  a very big business online due to several reasons  but mainly through flaws in software  and flaws in human behaviour. Therefore,  the software  behaviour  and habitat should  be changed to avoid  these hackers from interfering with it.

“Computers are just like guns back in the olden days,” says hacker Jayson E Street. “Criminals used guns because it was easy to commit a crime. Well, computers have made it really easy to commit crimes.”

The Euronews addressed the issue to different  experts to see how hackers  are actually carrying out this. They also  addressed how this issue can be avoided  so that  the hackers can be minimised. Below are the steps you can take to protect yourself from hacker online.  Let's focus and see.

One way is to install anti-virus software and software update

The installation  and updating  the software generally  upgrade the security  and remove  bugs. In addition,  software  should  be put upto date to support  software security upgrades. This will bring  the system upto date and improve its characteristics. 

Regulation of password

Passport  should  be regularly  regulated so that the hackers  may not easily  trace the password  of your software  and tamper with it. The password  acts as the security  to the system . Therefore,  it should  be regulated  by the owner of the software. 

Never open suspicious emails or links.

Some emails  and links contain the hacker's information  that can be of the great  effect  to the online software. Opening  these emails  and links may interfere  with the online software. 

Most hackers are actually  well educated  and and above  average  intelligence.  Most people  think  that they are after money,  but in reality,  they  are after  beating  the system. There are different  types  of hackers,  <u>Black Hat hackers- cyber criminals</u>. White Hat hackers,  working within the ethical space

"Most of them are well-educated and have above-average intelligence. Hacking happens at many levels and takes various forms, from personal attacks using common phishing scams to breaches of government software security using sophisticated coding.

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