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These Digital Assets Are Making a Kill on The Dark Web

By J.Austine Oct. 24, 2021, 3:01 p.m.
These Digital Assets Are Making a Kill on The Dark Web

The demand for digital assets is at its peak in the darknet marketplaces. You can trade sensitive stollen information in the dark market. Here are 3 digital assets making a kill on the dark web.

The dark web is a marketplace for both legal and illegal products. You can trade sensitive stollen information and other malicious services in the dark market. The demand for digital assets is at its peak in the darknet marketplaces. Here are 3 digital assets making a kill on the dark web.
The global pandemic and the associated trends increase cybercrime. Currently, cybercriminals trade all types of assets in the black market. These include stolen credit card details, counterfeit money, and compromised login data.

So, What’s The Worth of The Digital Assets on The Dark Web?

Threat actors usually search for digital assets on the darknet forums. These include stollen data that they exchange for cryptocurrency. At times, hackers use malware to encrypt the target’s data. After that, they would demand a ransom or threaten to publish it online.
The 2021 price index determined the cost of personal data in the dark market. You can find social media logins and online banking details at low prices. Online banking details will cost you an average of $120. On the other hand, credit card details range between $150 to $240.

These 3 Assets Are Making a Kill on The Dark Web

There are various types of data traded on the black market. Still, some data is always high on demand. These include:

Financial details

Sensitive financial information is a primary target for threat actors. These can be data like online banking logins or credit/debit card numbers. Cybercriminals buy these logins to gain access to the victim’s bank account and steal their cash.
Despite the data type, cybercriminals always shoot for a financial advantage. Verizon carried out a study on the motivators of cybercrimes. They realized money is the key motivator of such crimes. In fact, 86% of the attacks aimed for a financial advantage.

Login Credentials

Hackers use stolen login credentials to attack and take over the victim’s accounts. Criminals often use stolen data for identity thefts and impersonation attacks. The attackers target social media profiles for their dirty business. They obtain sensitive data such as images and full names. After that, they use the obtained information to compromise other user accounts.
The FBI drafted a warning for individuals involved in such media platforms. They said that they are easy targets of cyber fraud and scams. Accordingly, fraudsters can mine the information they post on the platforms. After that, the criminals can reset user accounts and breach the account data.

Exploit and Malware tools

There is an increased demand for malware and exploit tools on the black market. Darknet criminals use these kits to attack websites. The kits help them deploy malware, exploit vulnerabilities and orchestrate attacks.
The culprits can easily purchase malware and ransomware on the darknet. You can find the tools on darknet message boards, forums, and websites. There is a variety of malware and malicious tools on the dark web. These include data stealers, ransomware builders, and Remote Access Trojans (RATs). Furthermore, you can find viruses in the dark market.
Evidently, there is a high demand for personal data on the dark web. Therefore, you will always be vulnerable to attacks. The dark web forums continue to supply hacking tools to attackers. But can you minimize the impact of the attack by:
Reporting unusual activity
Creating unique passwords
Shopping only on trusted sites
Securing your device and network

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