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The dark web makes it harder for governments to deal with Fake Covid Vaccination Certificates

By J.Austine Nov. 12, 2021, 5:01 p.m.
Fake Covid Certificates

Darknet market sales of fake Covid 19 certificates are just getting out of hand. This is according to security researchers examining the issue in both American and European land. A few vaccine-related restrictions issued by both the U.S and European authorities is leading to this boom. It has led to a high demand of fake Covid certificates as a significant portion of the global population still resist vaccination.

Why it's hard for government to deal with Fake Covid Certificates

The number of dealers offering fake vaccination certificates or test services has jumped abnormally. In August, only 1,000 vendors offered these services. As we speak right now, there are more than 20,000 dealers selling fake Covid certificates on the dark web. This information is based on research conducted by security experts at Checkpoint Research.
In America particularly, vaccination is increasingly becoming a requirement for participation in social gatherings. It's in the US however, where there is very big problem when it comes to cracking down these fake dealers. Cracking down on fraudulent vaccine records involves a general lack of coordination. This is especially between the government agencies enforcing card-checking policies. Europe and Russia on the other hand, even surfer more. These countries suffer from disconnectedness between IT companies providing vaccination QR code-checking infrastructure.
According to a statement delivered in an October editorial by staff of The Crime Report, there's a very big mess. Referring to card issues, there's no proper guidance to check proof of vaccination. “No coherent approach has emerged to deter use, or to provide guidance to businesses responsible for checking proof of vaccination." They added, “And because buyers can prolong an illegal scheme. Unless someone tips off the government to the fraud, businesses are on their own to check these cards."

The certificates are on most darknet marketplaces

Now, it's true that most popular darknet marketplaces offer forged vaccination cards in the "Digital items" section. Some markets however, refuse to support anything remotely related to Covid.
“Fellow Americans, everyone deserves autonomy, medical privacy & equality." Message from one vaccine card vendor in the opening to their listing description. “We are here for you to prevent you from being intimidated & pressured into taking vaccines,” they continued. They further explained how they obtained the cards and what actions went into the forgery of a filled card.
The prices of these cards on the darknet ranges somewhere between $50 and $500. Furthermore, an average card goes for $100 in the U.S and $300 in Europe. The cards vary in prices based on the complexity involved during processing. They come in different varieties. Some come complete with scannable QR codes. Others are simply digital renderings as often a photocopy is all that is required for verification purposes.

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