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The Dark Web is Taking Over the Internet

By J.Austine Oct. 20, 2021, 7:33 p.m.
The Dark Web is Taking Over the Internet

Since the beginning of the pandemic, cybercriminals have been having a field day. This is as institutions scrambled to adjust to the new operating conditions. More so, without adequate in place. So then, many sensitive documents found their way into the dark web. This happens through data leaks, breaches, and ransomware attacks.

Also, 59% of Malaysian firms are to experience ransomware attacks in the future. Cybersecurity firm Sophos determined the prediction.
Still, the darknet is more than just a home to stolen data. Moreover, it hosts many darknet marketplaces and forums. Various perverse and pornographic content also gets traded there.
International hackers get dialed in plotting their next heist. However, companies are not completely defenseless. The reason being, many security firms have new techniques to deal with the menace. For instance, they now offer monitoring services. The services report any client-related information found on the darknet.
Further, they look to see what the data breaches highlight about security gaps.

Understanding the Darknet

From its name, the dark web is a secret platform that exists underground. It has many websites that are hidden from the general public. In other words, they are inaccessible through conventional search engines. Traditional search engines return results as they have indexes of links to websites. So, they get ranked based on relevancy and keywords.
On the contrary, this web uses data that isn’t available on other search engines. For example, content from individual accounts such as personal and professional databases. Now, a lot of content in the darknet is amateurish. However, it is effortless for individuals to create sites and get attention.
The dark web has a reputation as a hotbed for illegal activities. Yet, it also provides a social outlet for other morally upright people. Otherwise, they may get persecuted for their identities or political beliefs. In addition, it gives authorities the tools they need to track perpetrators.

Special Considerations of the Dark Web

Often, people confuse the dark web with cryptocurrencies. The reason is, cryptocurrency gets used to make purchases there. But there is a big difference. The dark web offers a high degree of anonymity for its users.
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin indeed get used in darknet transactions. Still, one doesn’t have to use the darknet to use cryptocurrencies.
Also, to access the darknet, one has to use the Tor Browser. The browser encrypts all communications making them anonymous.

Advantages of this dark side of the web

The dark web maintains users’ privacy enabling them to communicate freely. Generally speaking, privacy is vital to innocent people terrorized by stalkers. Furthermore, many potential employers tend to track posts on social media. Thus, engaging in honest discussions on social media becomes difficult.

Disadvantages of this dark side of the web

Some people misuse the power o the darknet and engage in illegal activity. For example, the dark market and crypto combination makes it easier to hire someone to commit certain crimes.
Likewise, the darknet can get used to violate the privacy of others. As an example, stolen medical records have gotten posted on the dark web.

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