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Terrifying Spike Drug Only Found on the Dark Web

By J.Austine Oct. 25, 2021, 3:14 p.m.
Terrifying Spike Drug Only Found on the Dark Web

There have been reports of women getting pricked with needles in clubs and bars. The terrifying spike drug gets sold on the dark web, also referred to as the darknet.

Recently, spiking incidents have been on the rise. There have been reports of women getting pricked with needles in clubs and bars. So then, the Home Secretary ordered police to investigate the incidences.
A drug used for spiking can get purchased and delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, the terrifying drug goes for less than £10. The tablets are not identified and can get bought through the dark web. At just £9, they get shipped to a would-be attacker’s home. After that, the drugs get used on women in nightclubs.

Effect of the Terrifying Spike Drug

In the UK, the spike drug is illegal. Even so, in Japan and India, it gets used as prescribed medication. When mixed with alcohol, the drug makes users experience disorienting effects. The effects kick in after 30 minutes later and can last up to six hours.
The horrifying trade of the drug got discovered after spiking incidences increased. In fact, women even got injected with the drug with needles. Further, an expert said the substance they identified would be simplest to use by injection. Also, it can get crumbled into powder and lace drinks.
Another source said, “It is really worrying to think this stuff is so readily available.”
The drug gets sold on the dark web, also referred to as the darknet. To access the dark web, you require a special browser called the Tor browser.

Reported Spiking Incidences

Generally speaking, most spiking reports are from Nottingham. For instance, a student fell ill in a club and later found what appeared to be a pinprick. The student, Zara Owen, said, “I’m scared. You hear about such things but never think they’ll happen to you.”
In addition, since September, there have been 198 reports of drink-spiking. The National Police Chief’s Council confirmed the statistics. Furthermore, forces received 24 reports of people getting injected on nights out. Regarding the incidences, two men in Nottinghamshire have gotten arrested and bailed.
Also, forces are working to ensure things are “hostile” for offenders. As a result, anyone found guilty of spiking a drink could face up to ten years in jail. One could face a longer sentence if other offenses such as robbery or sex abuse occur.
A campaign called Girl’s Night In is calling for people in the UK to boycott clubs. This is to demonstrate that women do not feel safe when going out.
In addition to that, Harry Shapiro said that people should keep an open mind on injection fears. The reason is, for drugs to be effective, they need to get injected into a vein. Harry Shapiro is the DrugWise director.

Dark Web Marketplaces

On the darknet, anything goes, whether illegal drugs sales or things much darker. Commodities and services get sold for cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Now, drugs such as MDMA, fentanyl, and cannabis are most common in the dark markets.
Authorities are doing all things possible to curb the purchase of illegal drugs. For example, in September, Gilberto Melgarejo got arrested for the possession of drugs. Additionally, he distributed drugs over the dark web.

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