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Swiss Man Imported Multiple kilos of Crystal Meth to the Country Using the Dark Web

By NoirDotAuthor Feb. 18, 2021, 3:11 p.m.
Swiss Man Imported Multiple kilos of Crystal Meth to the Country Using the Dark Web

Investigations by the canton police in Bern revealed that a 28-year-old man ordered kilos of crystal meth over the Darknet to Solothurn to sell in Switzerland. The drugs have a market value in the millions.

After several months of investigations, investigators from the Bern cantonal police were able to clear up the background of a drug ring that probably earned millions of euros in revenue from the sale of crystal meth. After several suspicious people were checked in May 2019, the police were able to identify a total of 16 people in a follow-up action, stop them and report them for violations of the Narcotics Act. Seven of them have meanwhile been taken into custody.

The 28-year-old main offender is still in custody, while the 37-year-old accomplice is already in early prison. The other accused are now at large again. They are accused of having been involved in the large-scale trade in crystal meth under the leadership of the main culprit and exercising various activities and roles.

Specifically, the main accused are accused of having imported and distributed more than ten kilograms of crystal meth in Switzerland between 2017 and 2019. The narcotics have a market value in the millions.

As part of the investigation, a total of around a dozen house searches were carried out in which, in addition to three kilograms of crystal meth, small quantities of various other hard drugs, several firearms with the corresponding ammunition, around 20,000 francs in cash and two illegal gaming machines were seized.

The investigations revealed that the 28-year-old main culprit obtained the crystal meth via the Darknet in North America and changed several hundred thousand francs of cash into bitcoins to finance it. The parcels were delivered to the canton of Solothurn and distributed from there.

Another transshipment point was in the Bernese Oberland, where the crystal meth was temporarily stored. It was used in particular for people in the canton of Bern, but also in the cantons of Friborg, Neuchâtel, Solothurn and Vaud. In addition to crystal meth, pills and marijuana were also traded to a lesser extent.

Lots of charges The accused will all have to answer to the judiciary for violations of the Narcotics Act. In addition, violations of the Federal Law on Money Games, illegal residence under the Aliens and Integration Act, violations of the Arms Act, and a serious case of money laundering were reported.

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