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Swedish Man Extradicted to Denmark in Dark Web Related Weapons Case

By NoirDotAuthor Dec. 14, 2020, 7:03 p.m.
Swedish Man Extradicted to Denmark in Dark Web Related Weapons Case

The 34-year-old Swede, who according to the police is the weapon buyer who hides behind the name Jim Brandt, gave an explanation at the Court in Horsens on Friday. He denies any knowledge of the arms trade and accuses the other defendants of lying.

The 34-year-old Swede, who is accused of being behind a major weapons case, had nothing to do with weapons. He has never asked anyone to pick up packages of weapons in Denmark, nor has he equipped them with large sums of vacuum-packed money as payment for the packages. He has only a sporadic knowledge of the dark web, where agreements for the purchase of 83 weapons and ammunition were agreed. And it’s not him hiding behind the cover name Jim Brandt. This is how it sounded when he on Friday – as the last of five defendants in the case – gave an explanation in the jury case, which is running at the Court in Horsens.

The 34-year-old, who was under extra guard by police when he sat in the witness stand to be questioned. Something unusual, the police sat only two or three meters from him, while he answered questions from prosecutor Signe Gråkjær from Special Investigation West (SEV).

Tall and slender, wearing gray trousers and a striped shirt, he explained that he is the director of a Swedish company that, among other things, makes safety grilles for shops. He was born in Hungary, but came to Sweden in 1988 and speaks fluent Swedish. He was arrested at his factory when police stormed in while sitting on the toilet on November 9 last year. Quickly he lifted his trousers, went out and stretched his arms up in the air when he was confronted by the police shouting “Stop”. He thereby lost his trousers, he told about the arrest, which happened at about the same time as a Serbian couple was arrested at the rest area Ejer Bavnehøj on the E45 motorway after a failed arms deal.

It is the opinion of the police that he tried to buy 83 firearms and ammunition on the dark web through the cover name Jim Brandt, unaware that he was dealing with secret police agents. He then sent couriers to Denmark to pick up the weapons. He rejected this outright in court on Friday, when he gave an explanation for the first time since he was extradited to Denmark. His knowledge of the dark web is limited to gold trades and dog fights. – I only know a little about it. I have a friend Anders who was good at dark web and I used it with him on his computer. We saw dogfights (dog fights, ed.), He told me, adding that he had also looked at gold trading as an investment object.

On October 31 and November 6, he bought the virtual currency bitcoins, but also it was as an investment. It was not to pay for weapons, he pointed out. The others are lying in what the police themselves have described as a spectacular case, began on 6 November in Horsens. In recent weeks, the four other defendants – who, like the 34-year-old man live in Sweden – have testified. Common is that they have pointed to him as someone who has had a prominent role. The 39-year-old Romanian who was arrested when he received a box of weapons in Vamdrup, says that it was the 34-year-old who asked him to receive the package.

The Serbian couple from Ejer Bavnehøj say that they were there to pick up a box of car parts and plastic gadgets for pistols for him at his request. The vacuum-packed plastic bag with 25,000 euros, which was payment for the box, they had received from him. And the 35-year-old Serb, who police believe is the other culprit, says the 25,000 euros came from the 34-year-old.

Along the way, he, flanked by officers and without preferring a mine, listened to their explanations. On Friday, his answer came: They are all lying. Answer everything – Why should they say that if it does not fit, prosecutor Signe Gråkjær asked. – You have to ask them about that, it sounded several times from the 34-year-old, who answered all questions separately. Faced with a picture of two pistols that police found in his phone, it read: Anders (his friend, ed.) Had bought two pistols. I thought they were interesting. – Why? – Why do boys like weapons and girls? They are interesting. A computer found in his office was encrypted to such an extent that police could not open it. – Is it customary for your computers in the company? – Absolutely not. I do not know who used it. More employees.

Instructions for vacuum packing At his residence, the police found the vacuum machine that was used to pack the 25,000 euros, but he denies that he packed the money. A screenshot of an exact guide on how to vacuum packs was found on his computer. Why he does not know. – If it’s on my computer, it’s obvious I took the picture. But I do not remember having done it, and I do not know what I was going to use it for.

Judgment of this case is expected on December 15.

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