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Squid Game Explained; The Unknown Dark Web Spy

By Dr.Dang March 22, 2022, 8:51 p.m.
Squid Game Explained; The Unknown Dark Web Spy

Are there games such as Squid Game in reality? Games where inhuman wealthy individuals bet on human lives? Moreover, the winner walks away with 45.6 billion won while other players die?

Squid Game Explained;

However, you usually hear the term dark web on the Internet. Because of the TV series of the game's theme, there are always darknet scenes. That is how some individuals describe the dark web. It is the most mysterious corner of the Internet.
In addition, more than 95% of the information on the Internet is on the darknet. On the platform, the truth about the world gets displayed. Yet, ordinary people can't reach it.

The Truth About the Darknet

The darknet isn't that mysterious at all. Still, you should never yearn for it. In this article, we will unveil the fig leaf of the dark web together.
To begin with, let us talk about the principle. For instance, take an iceberg. The iceberg on the water surface is public information. In fact, you can effortlessly search it with conventional search engines.
On the contrary, the portion below the surface often requires login verification. This is to allow you to view information like mailboxes. So then, this is the deep web. The darknet is only a tiny portion of the deep web.
Unique websites often need a specific browser like Tor to log in. Furthermore, authentication may be very strict. Of course, the dark web's most crucial feature is anonymity. Data gets transferred through several servers worldwide. As a result, dark web users cannot know each other's true identities.
That is the main reason why the dark web became a place outside the law.
Inside the Darknet

Study conducted by University of London

The University of London conducted a study in 2016. From that, out of 2723 darknet sites with explicit content, 1547 provided illegal services. Some of the items on the dark markets included illicit drugs and child pornography.
On March 7, 2016, the Chinese police learned about a criminal in Beijing. The criminal was selling many indecent videos and pictures on several darknet sites. Following that, using online investigation methods, the police caught the culprit. And through the suspect, Sun Mou, a group of 17 criminals also got caught.
As you can see, the darknet is similar to the hidden residences of criminal suspects. Inside and out, there are three doors. Further, you must get the correct password for every entry. It is just one online and one offline.
You don't want to visit criminals' residences out of curiosity. Likewise, you shouldn't browse dark web sites because of curiosity.

The Mysterious Dark Web Spy

A while back, there was news on Douyin called Walking 500,000. In other words, the highest reward for reporting cyber espionage was 500,000 yuan. Besides the news, a student in Fujian reported a pedantic cyber spy. As a result, they received a reward of 10,000 yuan.
This is what the police officers said: "The spy is actually lurking by our side. He may be an ordinary person who passes by when you are off work. If you also see someone holding a video device acting suspiciously or making inappropriate comments on the Internet in a row, then It's probably 500,000 walks."


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