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So meet Col Mamady Doumbouya: The man behind the Ouster of president Alpha Conde

By Noir Sept. 21, 2021, 6:27 a.m.
Meet Col Mamady Doumbouya

On 5th September 2021, the Group Special Forces (GSF) overthrew President Alpha Condé. They ousted the President in a coup. Soon after, the leader of the GSF announced the dissolution of the government. The lieutenant had Guinea’s flag on his shoulders when he appeared in a press conference.  So meet Col Mamady Doumbouya: The man behind the Ouster.

Who is Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya?

Col Mamady Doumbouya is the head of the special forces that ousted the President. He is 41 years of age and a former French legionary. Doumbouya is a graduand of the École de Guerre war college situated in Paris. Doumbouya is a member of the Malinke community located in Guinea’s Kankan region.
He has served in the military for 15 years. He served countries like Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Central African Republic. Doumbouya also offered close protection in Israel, Guinea, and the UK.
Moreover, Doumbouya successfully completed the specialist training in operational protection. He took the training at Israel’s International Security Academy. Additionally, he was part of elite military training in France, Senegal, and Gabon.
After serving for several years in the French foreign legion, Doumbouya returned to Guinea. This was a request from President Condé. The President asked him to lead the newly formed elite Special Forces Group (GFS) in 2018. Therefore, Col Doumbouya relocated to Forecariah, western Guinea. In the forces, he served under the general intelligence services and the DST.

What Happened During Col Mamady Doumbouya’s Coup?

According to news reports, there were heavy gunfire and explosions near the presidential palace in Conakry. This was just a few hours before the military coup on Sunday. President Condé served the country for more than a decade. Yet, he got incarcerated by the military.
At 2 pm on the day of the takeover, Doumbouya appeared on Radio-Télévision Guinéenne. Surrounded by eight of his men, he declared President Alpha Condé’s dismissal. Also, Doumbouya admitted that he led the coup. Furthermore, he declared himself Guinea’s new strongman.
Col Doumbouya said that they are not going to entrust politics to one man. He said, “we are going to entrust it to the people. We come only for that.” Additionally, he said it is a soldier’s responsibility to redeem a country.

Why did Col Mamady Doumbouya Oust President Alpha Conde?

During the press conference, Doumbouya stated his reasons for the coup. He claimed that the forces had no choice but to overthrow the government. This was because of the bad governance and corruption persisting in Conde’s government. Moreover, he mentioned the disregard for human rights and economic mismanagement under Condé’s rule. So, they staged the coup for the people.
While speaking to France 24, Doumbouya had some interesting things to say. He said, “We are here to allow Guineans to live together and for all of us to enjoy the benefits of this country. That is our objective. We are not here to play games. We are here to learn from mistakes.”
Furthermore, Col Doumbouya said that the army existed to help build the country. He also added that the military would end the misery of the Guinean people.

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