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Should you be worried about Dark Web Monitoring

By J.Austine Nov. 18, 2021, 10:13 a.m.
Should you be worried about Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is a famous technique of contemporary data security. In it, cybersecurity companies analyze darknet sites to identify criminal activity. As the world becomes more connected, so does the potential misuse of fraud. As a result, there is a need for dark web monitoring. The main reason for this is to protect users’ information.

The dark web refers to hidden online content not accessed by regular search engines. So, unique browsers like the Tor Browser get used to reaching the dark web. The dark web offers anonymous communication to various people. For instance, whistle-blowers, activists, journalists, and even criminals. Additionally, the darknet has dark markets that transact using cryptocurrency.
In this article, we’ll learn what dark web monitoring is and what it is for. Moreover, we’ll learn how we can start implementing a web monitoring program.

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

This is a service offered by modern cyber security companies. Again, data gets sold on dark web marketplaces. So then, bulk scrapes and analysis can lead to identifiable user information. Cyber security companies can look for data breaches and leaks. They do this by navigating the darknet looking for signs of stolen data attached to domains.
That said, darknet monitoring services are only effective after a data breach. They cannot prevent a data breach from taking place. Thus, it is crucial to both proactive and monitoring systems to protect your company.
Also, these services can’t remove data found online. Still, being aware that data got compromised allows you to take the necessary steps. Moreover, you can prevent the breach from happening again.

Who Should be Worried?

Many of these services get used by companies to protect their data. Even so, other cyber security companies offer their services to consumers. The service allows everyone to know the degree to which their data is available online. The service can find data like account passwords and usernames on the darknet.
After that, you can take precautions before criminals start using the information.

How to Start Monitoring the Dark Web

It is done best by companies providing it as a specialized service. The reason is, consumers don’t have the hardware to perform the task. Indeed, dark web monitoring requires requisite hardware to do data collection and analysis.
First, find a cyber security team with a history of web monitoring expertise. Notably, this investment is most effective as an addition to a security system. It is not a complete solution in itself.
Nevertheless, you can want to integrate the service into your security measures. In this case, most cyber security services also provide free dark web scans. However, these aren’t as effective as full-scale threat intelligence programs. Yet, they are adequate enough to check whether your data is on sale on the darknet. Therefore, you can take the necessary precautions.
Lastly, dark web monitoring is just one strong part of a powerful data security system. Take care of yourself and your businesses by taking cyber security seriously.

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