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Schemes Cybercriminals Are Running During Olympic Games – The Common Occurrences

By Noir Aug. 12, 2021, 9:09 a.m.
Schemes cybercriminals are running

In a bid to adhere to Coronavirus protocols, Olympic games in Tokyo are currently underway with no spectators in the field. Having this measure at hand reduces physical risks like health and schemes cybercriminals are running during such events. However, even with the measures in place, hackers are still at large in the black market with fraud schemes. This owes to the fact that fans are eager to watch the games online.

According to various analysis, there are website designs for phishing activities courtesy of Dark Web with an intention to snip user’s credentials. Mostly they are pages with an offer to stream the Olympic events or sell tickets for various competitions without spectators being in the field. Also, they offer giveaways and even goes the extremes of giving fake virtual currency for the Olympic games.

Schemes Cybercriminals Are Running to Unsuspecting Fans

These are some of the tricks cybercriminals use to dupe Olympic fans:

Live Streams

Since the closure of stadiums, many people are joining the online space to stream the ongoing Olympic games. The phishing pages carefully lure their target by asking the subscribers to register before proceeding to watch. At this stage, the page may be redirected to another page which distributes the malicious files. Or, a malware installation on a device may happen through the files to share the subscriber’s details. Data from the subscriber from this stage get into bad hands and harm the person.

Fake Tickets

Even though spectators are not getting the live scenes from stadium this season, unsuspecting ones are still getting ticket scams. Some pages mimic the official page of Tokyo Olympic and purport to sell tickets both online and offline. Others also tend to give refunds for their purchases since the fans no longer get into the stadia.


With a lot of events ever attracting fraudsters purporting to reward fans, Olympic games has them pretending to gift different goodies. Like the trending one is pages offering Television sets ideal for watching the ongoing games. Of course this is a usual trick, but some fall for it with delivery fee payment upfront. However, the gifts never see the light of the day.

Olympic Tokens is Leo one of the schemes cybercriminals are running

Since the spectators are not live games in stadia, scammers devise ways including laying baits to unsuspecting target to con them money. Like there is a circulating fake virtual currency with an aim to support sport man and women. Though some athletes are in dire need, once someone purchases the token it never reaches them. The pages are all fake with an aim to extort money without mercy.
It is important to detect the phishing pages and try to stay away from their con games. Check a link critically before clicking or better still look for irregularities on the URL. Again you can ascertain the authenticity of a website before you subscribe. All in all, stay safe while enjoying online streaming this Tokyo Olympic Season!

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