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Russia Blocks Tor Browser From It's Networks

By Dr.Dang March 22, 2022, 7:12 p.m.
Russia Blocks Tor Browser From It's Networks

The Tor browser grants users the ability to surf the internet secretly. According to recent information, accessing prohibited websites has been blocked by Russia Authorities. The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) reports that Russian proxy servers had partly stopped working at 5:21pm Moscow time on December 2.

Russia Blocks Tor Browser From It's Networks

While authorities hadn't yet commented publicly on the incident on Monday, politician Anton Gorelkin addressed the matter on Telegram, writing, “I have never been a supporter of blocks, but in this case there is no alternative since Tor was used illegally, for me and for all well-thinking people it is an absolute evil, which we must fight as firmly and with least  compromise as possible.”

This Project's software network experts previously received a warning from Russian online surveillant named; Roskomnadzor cautioning hosting of illegal services.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Roskomnadvzor confirmed that accessing their website had been restricted. The Project claimed that their homepage has been blocked within Russia.

Twitter user ValdikSS investigated the rate of  blockade. He later concluded that Moscow is the most affected. Furthermore, most internet providers in Russia had complied with the block.

The Onion Router

Tor, also The Onion Router, is a free  internet communication making browsers difficult to trace. As well, it provides access to websites that have been blocked, making it widespread. Tor also protects internet privacy and bypasses censorship, however it has been criticized for enabling illegal activity online like drug trafficking.

Currently, only parts affected with OONI’s tests indicate that most users in the country can still access it. On Tuesday, Russian experts weighed in, with the website journal suggesting that a complete block across the country was unnecessary. They, however , argued that it's conceivable for 80% of users to be barred from the software in the future.

Earlier this year, Russia reportedly blocked six virtual private network (VPN) services ahead of its parliamentary elections. They argued that they circumvented court-ordered blocks on material designed to rig elections. China is the only country which has completely blocked these websites by maintaining much stricter control over the internet than in Russia.

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