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Privacy Taken a Notch Higher with Tor Browser

By Noir March 24, 2022, 7:08 p.m.

While most web browsers look similar to their peers based on functionality and appearance, the Tor Browser is a browser on its own level.

Now, for the newbies in internet privacy, there is high probability that you've heard about this excellent browser. Most people love Tor for its privacy policies, trustworthy encryption, and ability to clear any internet footprints. While most people relate it to the dark web, Tor Browser has more to it than you think. Let's take a look at this unique browser.

What is Tor Browser?

The browser is an internet browser that uses the tor network to ensure its users' web traffic anonymity. The tor network simply protects your online identity. The name was acquired from The Onion Router, a US Naval privacy project. So, if you want to investigate a rival safely or don't like the idea that your government has your browser history data, then this unique browser will do the trick!

How Tor Browser Functions

The browser ensures your privacy by redirecting all your internet traffic through a network with thousands of relays set up and controlled by volunteers. As its logo suggests, the browser features a three-layer proxy just like onion layers. Still, it holds onion sites within it to facilitate anonymity. It randomly links to one of the entry nodes publicly listed, bounces the traffic via a haphazardly selected middle relay, and eventually discloses your internet traffic via the third and last exit node.

How To Access Tor 

Wondering what it would cost to gain access to such an exceptional browser? Well, it's free. Moreover, the browser is available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux. You can also access it through your phone. You can find the Browser PC versions from the <u>Tor Project</u> Bundle. Furthermore, the browser has a feature that disables video loading, automatic images, and JavaScript to improve your security.

What Is the Browser Used for?

Like other browsers, Tor can act as your day-to-day browser. However, the browser gives privacy to its users better than its counterparts. Somebody can even use it to override site restrictions and surveillance. But that's not all; the browser is a portal to the black market as it enables its users to access various dark web markets.

How To Access the Dark Web Using Tor Browser?

The dark web refers to a concealed section of the internet where one can obtain information anonymously. Again, the browser gives you access to the dark web and even has websites developed for it. After downloading the Tor browser and going through the installation process, you'll be ready to browse the black market.

However, to access the dark web, you will need the site's URL. You can find these URLs at <u>dnstats</u> or <u>DarkNetOne</u>. After attaining the URLs to the websites of your choice,<u></u>copy and paste them to your browser, and you'll be on the deep web. It's that easy! And while it's true that some cybercrimes take place through Tor Browser, the browser is not only built for criminal activities. Still, if you want to up your security a notch, you can use the browser with a VPN.

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