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Pandora Papers: Alexandre Cazes, King of Dark Web Exposed

By J.Austine Oct. 11, 2021, 10:58 a.m.
Pandora Papers: Alexandre Cazes, King of Dark Web Exposed

We are all aware of the pandora papers fiasco. It's been circulating on the internet for some time. But what most people don't know is how it links with Alexandre Cazes, famously known as king of dark web. Cazes is dubbed the king of dark web for a reason. Keep reading to find out!

Recent investigations uncovered the secret accounts of Alexandre Cazes. An extensive RCMP and FBI investigation added to the story. The American justice confirmed that Cazes was, in fact, Alpha02. The name previously used by AlphaBay's administrator.
AlphaBay is one of the largest marketplaces on the dark web. It enabled the trade of drugs, weapons, stolen card numbers, and more.
Cazes, the king of dark web, got arrested on July 5, 2017. His arrest went viral on social media globally. Moreover, is death caused a stir in media platforms.

Investigations On The King of Dark Web

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and Radio-Canada obtained Cazes' documents. The documents reveal that Cazes accessed a massive parallel and opaque financial system. The system allows the wealthy to stash their money in tax heavens.
Cazes owned several shell companies. According to investigations, two of these companies managed to escape the authorities.
Cazes' documents are part of the uncovered Pandora papers. This is a leak of almost 12 million documents. The papers belonged to 14 firms providing offshore incorporation services.
The ICIJ obtained the documents during investigations. The ICIJ has at least 250 investigative journalists. Moreover, the journalists are in more than 100 countries. Radio-Canada is also a partner to the ICIJ.

Overseas Companies Owned by Alexandre

Radio-Canada looked into Cazes' overseas corporations. They realized that he owned more than six companies overseas. Additionally, Radio-Canada realized that most of the companies existed in Hong Kong and Belize. Moreover, the corporations had bank accounts in Seychelles, Switzerland, and New Zealand. In addition to that, Cazes had virtual companies in Hong Kong, London, and Geneva.
Cazes managed to purchase property in Thailand illegally through his companies. Several documents impeached Cazes. The court also added a letter Csez wrote to an immigration consultant. He used the letter to explain his income source.

So, Where Did Cazes' Fortune Come From?

Cazes wrote the letter three months prior to his death. In his letter, he claimed that his wealth came from cryptocurrency investments. Cazes wrote that he made the investments in 2011 in Bitcoin speculation. This was years before Bitcoin's value exploded.
Even so, the US Justice department claims otherwise. According to the authorities, the money came from the Illegal AlphaBay trade. AlphaBay is a dark market where people trade illegal products.
Cazes took 2% to 4% of all black market sales. At the time of his arrest, he made up to the US $ 800,000 per day. According to the authorities, all transactions made in AlphaBay marker used cryptocurrency.

What Happens in The Dark Web?

The dark web is a secret division of the internet that houses criminal activities. You need specific tools such as Tor to access and trade on the dark web. Most individuals perceive the darknet as a dangerous segment of the internet. This is because it hosts some unlawful activities. In the darknet market, vendors sell drugs, weapons and even hire assassins.
However, the dark web is not illegal. You can access it using the Tor Browser. Tor applies multiple-layer encryption to secure your online traffic. Moreover, the encryption erases the footprints of your internet traffic. So, someone can't track your dark market activities.
Moreover, you can use cryptocurrency to trade on the dark web. The anonymity of digital coins ensures your security. The currencies make it difficult to follow individual transactions and connect them to users.

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