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Online Gaming Accounts Hit Hard in A Major Hacking Incident

By Noir Sept. 30, 2021, 3:38 p.m.
Online Gaming Accounts Hit Hard in A Major Hacking Incident

Cybercriminals have great interest in gamers and their online accounts. A recent attack has seen many online gaming accounts hit hard

Online gaming accounts hit

A major cyberattack made a significant blow to online gaming accounts. Cyber attackers have gained great interest in gamers and their online accounts. According to Kaspersky, the culprits are using BloodyStealer, a new malware for their attacks.
Cybersecurity firms realized this new trick in march this year. They discovered an ad promoting BloodyStealer. The ad said that the malware could steal credit card details, passwords, and device information. Moreover, it could steal cookies, browser auto-fill data, uTorrent and PC files, Bethesda, and logs. Also, BloodyStealer can steal GOG, VimeWorld, Origin, Epic Games, and Telegram client sessions.

Which countries are victims of BloodyStealer attacks?

BloodyStealer is still new in the dark web marketplace. Still, criminals use it to attack and infected several countries. Users in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Latin America are victims of BloodyStealer attacks.
The developers use a malware-as-a-service (MaaS) distribution model to distribute BloodyStealer. Therefore, the malware spreads online quickly. Moreover, you can purchase a subscription for the malware in the dark market. Monthly subscriptions go for $10, while a lifetime license only costs you $40. You can also pay through cryptocurrency.

What Are the Features of Bloodystealer?

BloodyStealer does more than just steal data. It also hosts a set of tools designed for the user’s security. These tools make it difficult for security researchers and law enforcement to analyze it.
It transfers stollen information as a ZIP archive to its C&C database. The developers secured the server against DDoS and other web-based attacks. From the C&C server, the attackers can use its basic control panels. Conversely, they can use Telegram to access the online accounts and data stolen from victims.

Which other tools are available on the dark web?

Bloodystealer is a great threat to gamers. Even so, it’s one of the many tools available in the black market to steal accounts. Cybercriminals trade several types of malware in the darknet. Additionally, some forums feature ads and post malicious links. The marketplace also hosts tools that automatically generate phishing pages.
Logs are amongst the most popular products traded in the black market. These are databases holding massive data for logging into stollen accounts. Cybercriminals specify the user’s location and types of data. They also state the period of collection of the logs and other details.
Furthermore, cybercriminals sell logins for specific gaming accounts. You can buy these individually or wholesale. Accounts containing several games and valuable virtual items are costly in the marketplace. But they are usually sold at huge discounts.
For example, a hacker advertised 208k online gaming accounts for just $4000. Moreover, the criminals often trade games at lower prices in the black market. Copies of Madden NFL 21 and Need For Speed copies cost about $0.50.

What can you do to avoid falling victim to BloodyStealer?

There are various ways to protect yourself from BloodyStealer. Firstly, you can enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) in your online accounts. Secondly, only download software and apps from official stores. Moreover, you should be careful with links in emails and messages from strangers. Lastly, you should always check the authenticity of websites before entering your details.

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