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No Peace: Dark Web is Upset with the disappearance of the White House Market

By J.Austine Nov. 2, 2021, 9:26 p.m.
No Peace: Dark Web is Upset with the disappearance of the White House Market

White House Market is one of the most popular dark web marketplaces. However, there's a possibility you've never heard of it? Well, just like any other dark web site, Google can't find it. For one, it's salespersons don't advertise it that much. Recently, in a heartbreaking message to its users, WHM announced it's disappearance from the dark web. This however hasn't gone well with most people who depended on the market to trade their goods. As a result, the dark web is upset.

Now, few public references to WHM can be found on Reddit forums or a few specialized tech blogs like ours, noirdotnews. For over two years now, White House Market has been on the forefront in dealing with drugs and other kinds of information. Most of the frequent visitors of the dark web knew the role of this market. As a result, most people haven't taken it's closure lightly.

Dark web is upset

It's true WHM never reached the adorable trading volume of it's most famous cousins, SilkRoad and AlphaBay. The market had however established itself and become one of the dark web's most popular and secure marketplaces. It therefore came as a shock to most of its dedicated users when the market shut down.

There were no more details as to why the market had to close down in the resignation letter. The site's official administrator only known by his online name as Mr White wrote and signed a letter which read; “Thank you all for your business, your trust, your support and of course for putting decent sums of money in our pockets, we can come back in the future with a different project or not."

At the time it went down, the market had already amassed a user base of almost 900,000 users. Additionally, of the total figure, 326,000 were active users. As we've said earlier, one could only access WHM through anonymous browsers like Tor and I2p. Based on figures declared publicly, WHM had around 3,000 sellers. They mainly dealt in drugs and digital goods.

Barely a month

Barely a month since the market shut down, following Operation Dark HunTOR, the authorities revealed the results. The operation resulted in the dismantling of sites, plus arrests of 150 vendors. Furthermore, several weapons, drugs and more than $31 million in cryptocurrencies and cash were recovered. According to documents presented to court, a few of the darknet vendor accounts were from the WHM. You therefore don't need rocket science to know that it's the operation that resulted in the closure of WHM. So whether WHM and it's administrators are subject of an ongoing criminal investigation still remains a question on many lips.

It's however not known how much money the creators of WHM have made since its inception in 2019. But, they were always charging around a 4% commission on all sales through the more mysterious Monero. According to estimations WHM facilitated $35 million in sales on the low or $120 million on the high end. This therefore implies, the founders took home at least $1.3 million or utmost $5 million over the two years.

Not to forget, WHM boasted an exceptional digital security system, reliable customer service and maybe it's ethic: WHM did not allow vendors to sell child pornography, offer murders for rent, or market weapons, explosives or poisons.

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