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Neonatal Doctor Who Wanted to Kidnap His Wife Through the Dark Web

By Noir July 30, 2021, 7:12 p.m.
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The dark web is notorious for criminal activities involving drugs, weapons, and bounty services. However, we never expected it to be a place to visit to save one's marriage. But we stand corrected. Ronald Ilg, a 55-year-old neonatal physician from Spokane, is being detained on federal charges as he undergoes trial. He allegedly used the dark web to appoint a hitman. He wanted the hitman to kidnap his wife. Consequently, hold her in a secure location and torture her until she agreed to move back with him. Here’s the whole story.

Where It All Started

According to the Daily Beast, Ronald married and later divorced a local woman. He later remarried an unnamed esthetician who was 15 years younger than him. They had a child in 2018 and drifted apart in June 2020. This was the woman he later put a hit on.

After being accused of misconduct and bringing weapons to the workplace, Ronald was fired from his job. He worked as the chief medical director of Mednax, according to his LinkedIn profile.

With the divorce and the loss of his job in the same year, he was in distress. Ronald allegedly sent hundreds of messages to his estranged wife. He pleaded with her to drop the divorce proceedings and stay with him. The ex-wife’s attorney reached out to his lawyer and requested him to constrict their conversations to be about their son. However, he continued with the messages forcing the wife to file for a restraining order.

The Dark Web Option to Kidnap His Wife

Now, most people would visit the dark market and look for drug dealers to help drown their depression. But this wasn’t the case for Ronald. He was frequent in the hitman section of the marketplace.
In February, Ronald used his Scar2015 dark web account to hire an assassin. He ordered the assassin to raid his colleagues’ home and give her a beating. He specifically requested the co-worker’s hands to be broken. Investigations show that the target was a lady at his workplace he suspected of spreading rumors that got him fired. Dark markets usually use cryptocurrency. So, he placed Bitcoin worth $2000 in escrow to be released when the job was done. Fortunately, the hit was never completed.
A month later, he used the same account to request another hitman service. This time he was looking for someone to kidnap and torture his ex-wife. He wanted her to cancel the divorce and move back with him.
The instructions were to first kidnap his wife. Then hold her in a secure location and subject her to heroin shots twice a day for seven days. After that, she would be guided on self-injection and video tapped as evidence to be used against her.
Realizing that no one was taking his jobs, he contacted a different darknet site. He expected  his requests to be done by the second week of April. In his post, he mentioned putting $5000 in bitcoin in escrow with another $10,000 in the following day. Moreover, he allegedly promised to tip the hitman $40,000 if the job was a success.

His Arrest

According to the FBI, Ronald was on vacation in Mexico with a new girlfriend on the day he expected the hit to occur. On returning to Mexico on 11th April, the two were approached by the BBC journalist investigating him. The journalists handed the evidence to the FBI, who connected Ronald to the Bitcoin account used on his dark web account. According to KHQ reports, he is currently facing 20 years behind bars.

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