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Must Every Unethical Happening Be Linked to The Dark Web?

By J.Austine Nov. 23, 2021, 12:39 p.m.
Must Every Unethical Happening Be Linked to The Dark Web?

So it has become a norm that every bad happening must be linked to the dark side of the web. Is that where we're headed?

Must Every Unethical Happening Be Linked to The Dark Web?

Ladies and gentlemen, at times, it's good to put things in black and white. Last month, a suicide video did rounds on social media platforms. The video was first posted on Facebook as a man live streamed his suicide on the platform.
The company later pulled out the disturbing video which showed the man shooting himself with a gun. Later, other smart minded fellows behind a computer keyboard edited the video to suit their needs.

Video lands on Tik Tok

The video finally landed on Tik Tok, and that's where hell broke loose. The company is now complaining that the video was uploaded on the platform as part of a coordinated effort by bad actors. ' Bad actors' here, to be precise, are dark web users. Now, it's time we learn to be honest. How is the clip of a person Killing themselves which was live streamed on Facebook related to the dark web?
Not known to many, and any frequent dark web visitor will bear me witness, the dark web is not what the media wants it to look like. Every platform has their fair share of evil happenings, and the dark web isn't an exception. The open websites for example are even worse. However, it has reached a time when we have to question ourselves! Why must people be restricted from accessing the dark web? Why is it that anybody visiting the dark web is just perceived as a criminal? What don't they want us to know? A lot of unanswered questions linger in my mind, but then, nobody will ever give a genuine answer. All you'll always be told is that the dark web is an evil place and you must stay away from it!
I'm personally a frequent visitor of this part of the web and most of these allegations don't have any substantial back up!

No need to panic

If you browse the dark web without any ill motives, you don't need to worry. A few people tarnish the name of the dark web, yes. But what if they are accomplishing missions planned on our watch?  What if it is some well calculated move to make the dark web look bad so that you stay away from it?
Now, the dark web is a source of information for some people. Others trade legal items on the dark web. This isn't because they can't trade on other platforms, but the dark web is said to have a loyal customer base. Every trader needs that loyal customer base. Activists use the dark web to be heard, unless activism has nowadays changed meaning. What am I driving home? Let's stop making the dark web look so dangerous that every unethical happening is linked to it.
Why must Tik Tok now feel that the video was edited on the dark web then posted on the platform? How now? The video is disturbing, that's a reality. But why link it to the dark web? Desist!
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