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Most Cyberattacks Are Very Cheap: Costs Ranging Between $70 And $500

By J.Austine Oct. 18, 2021, 10:52 a.m.
Most Cyberattacks Are Very Cheap: Costs Ranging Between $70 And $500

Ransomware attacks are the most dangerous cybercrime attacks. The attacks can be in the form of ransomware kits or advanced target attacks. Ransomware services cost at most $500 on the dark web. Yes, it's that cheap and easy to orchestrate cyberattacks.

The cost of cybercrime attacks ranges between $70 to $500 in the dark market. The success rates of the attacks are also increasing. Hence, cybercriminals gain thousands of dollars from one attack.

The Dark Web Ransomware Marketplace

The darknet is a popular marketplace for illegal activities. Still, it is a legal platform if you avoid the black markets. Criminals on the dark market gain from its anonymous features and encryption.
You can't access the dark web through normal browsers. You need special software to reach the darknet marketplace. Networks like Tor can shield you from unwanted attention on the dark web.

What is the Tor Network?

TOR (The Onion Router) is a unique internet browser. It hides your identity as you surf the internet. Tor holds a network of anonymous routes that change continuously. It's like a series of relay stations that query on your behalf. The network then forwards the results to you with no direct link.
It is legal to use the Tor Browser. In fact, law enforcement agencies and journalists use it. Its features make it the perfect tool to use for privacy. You can conduct private transactions in the network, like anonymous purchases of cryptocurrency.  Cybercriminals also use it for ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Services in The Dark Web

Microsoft also published the cost of ransomware attacks this month. The tech giant claims that spear-phishing attacks cost between $100 to $1000. Moreover, the company says that such attacks have high success rates. They are better than phishing attacks deployed in bulk.
The black marketplace also offers Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. These are the most common types of ransomware attacks. The hackers charge at least $300 to send DoS attacks for a month. The barrage attacks flood a specific network with traffic. Therefore, the network becomes inaccessible to its users.
But these are not the only services available in the black market. The hackers also offer counter anti-virus services and money laundering services. The services aid criminals to override security restrictions.

So, how do cyberattacks work?

Ransomware attacks take place in several stages. The first stage is reconnaissance. Here, criminals identify potential targets for the attacks. They also find access points to their networks.
After reconnaissance, the hacker gains initial access in the second stage. They buy login details for their targets on the dark market. Also, they can obtain the login credentials through deception.
Following initial access, the hackers move to increase their access privileges. The access privileges enable them to access confidential data. The data that costs the most damage when obtained and held for ransom. These usually include police or medical records.
After identifying the data, the hackers extract and save it. Then they install and activate the ransomware in the targets system. The criminals then notify the victim of the attack. The hacker then demands a ransom for the data. The ransom usually gets paid in cryptocurrency.

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