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Moroccan phish-and-carding kingpin nabbed by cyber cops.

By Noir July 31, 2021, 1:08 p.m.

Cybercrime is hard to control. Furthermore, it is a challenge, especially when dealing with activities on the dark web.

For two years, Moroccan police, in conjunction with Interpol, have been on an investigation mission. Besides, the operation is dubbed “Operation Lyrebird.”

Now, the highly decorated phish and carding kingpin had been on the large. The cybercriminal conned tens of thousands of French speakers. He mostly used phishing tactics.

Phish-and-carding kingpin nabbed

Finally, Moroccan police have nabbed the high-profile criminal. Also, the Moroccan has been disguising with the name “Dr Hex.” The arrested suspect targeted customers of french financial institutions. Moreover, he was involved in credit card fraud, phishing fraud, and carding activities all over the world.

Equally important, the cybercriminal has been active for more than ten years.

The suspect also assisted in the development of carding and phishing kits. Subsequently, he sold them to others via internet forums. Consequently, there were cyberattacks against victims.

In addition, Dr. HeX assisted in the development of websites. Then, the websites would imitate banking agencies in Morocco.

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INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Directorate collaborated closely with Group-IB and Moroccan Police through the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Rabat. Consequently, the suspect was tracked down and detained.

Remember, the police nabbed an unnamed Hacker in May and offered a phishing kit. It was a significant milestone in the two-year investigation. Relevantly, it included Dr. HeX’s name and the individual’s contact email address. Further, the study deanonymized the email address as a result of his usage of these files.

The assailant posted a link to an Arabic crowd fundraising platform. Besides, it was in the description of one of the videos. Consequently, this allowed Group-IB researchers to record another identity associated with the cybercriminal.

Cybercrime perpetrators used this name to register at least two domains, according to DNS data analysis. And, both of the names used the phishing kit’s email.

Further, there were five email addresses linked to the accused. Also, identified were six nicknames and Dr. HeX’s accounts on Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
Further, the team examined Dr. Hex’s digital trail. Again, the investigation revealed his links to additional nefarious actions. Consequently, the examination made the discovery of posts on many underground forums dedicated to malware development.

“This is a significant success,” Stephen Kavanagh, INTERPOL’s Executive Director of Police Services, remarked. “The case highlights the threat posed by cybercrime worldwide.”

Suspect involved in several attacks

From 2009 to 2018, Group-IB discovered that the suspect was involved in attacks on 134 websites. He then evoked his signature name on web pages. Group-IB also took part in the operation as part of Project Gateway. Additionally, it is an effort that allows INTERPOL and private sector partners to collaborate and share information more easily.

INTERPOL established a new cyber operations department in May 2021. Furthermore, the effort will help 49 African countries combat cybercrime. And, the move will help curb cybercrime in the region. In addition, investigations such as “operation Lyrebird” will be efficiently executed. The continent will thus enhance Cybersecurity.

Now, with more enhanced security, it is easier for cybercops to capture attackers. Primarily, this is on the dark web, where most hackers orchestrate their attacks.

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