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Mac Computer Viruses has landed on the dark web

By J.Austine Nov. 23, 2021, 12:42 p.m.
Mac Computer Viruses has landed on the dark web

We always advise our readers to be very careful with their online activities and matters machines they use. Information reaching our editorial desk is that users of Apple's Mac computers must now be careful. Viruses specific to the Apple's computers are on the dark web free of charg

One of them is ransomware which encrypts a user's computer data and demands ransom for accessing files. According to experts, the viruses are dangerous, especially that their creators are giving them for free.
Security companies Fortenet and Alien Walt reportedly discovered the two malicious programs. They found it on the Internet created by the Dark Web for the sale and purchase of illicit goods.
Those who want to use these viruses on their website are asked to contact their creator and get the virus of their choice. The creator of Ransomware says that the ransom money will be shared equally between the creator of the virus and its user. When Fortune researchers contacted buyers on the site, they were soon provided with a sample of the virus.

Its analysis shows that it does not use very good encryption. Recent ransomware attacks around the world have affected more than 200,000 people in 150 countries. Experts however warn that more cases of ransomware could emerge.
Also available for free on this Dark Web site is Maxpy spyware. This can act as a 'keylogger' and take screenshots and turn on the microphones of machines.

Consumers using Mac computers need to be careful, says Peter Evin, a researcher at Alien Walt. According to figures compiled by McAfee, there are 4.5 million viruses targeting Macs in the world. This is however less compared to 23 million for Windows. Mac users should therefore install the latest software updates on their machines and be aware of e-mail messages.

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