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List Of Products You Can Buy From The Dark Web

By Dr.Dang March 22, 2022, 7:14 p.m.
List Of Products You Can Buy From The Dark Web

A frequent visitor of this site knows that the dark web is a hidden segment of the internet. To state in black and white, most of the activities undertaken on the dark web are unlawful. That doesn't however mean that every visitor of the dark web is a criminal. In this article, we present to you a list of some of the products, both legal and illegal, which you can purchase from the dark web.

But remember, there are dangers involved in undertaking any activity from the dark web, mostly if they're illegal. That's why you require the Tor browser and a VPN to conceal your identity. Still, if the law authorities catch up with you, it will not end well.

Also, before you do any business on the dark web, make sure that the people you engage are honest. You can easily be scammed, and these guys are never apologetic. Another thing, the person you are involving might just be an informant. The authorities spend the better part of the day and night on these marketplaces trying to identify the criminals. So be careful.

The common products that you can buy include;

Child porn
Digital goods of every variety
Fake degrees
Darknet Fake passports

Let’s look at each of them briefly;

1. Child Pornography;

The dark web is home to all types of products and services and child pornography is not an exception. It's easy to access child pornography on various dark web markets. Some platforms don't allow this kind of content, while others do, so it's mandatory to do your research. Remember, being in possession of child pornographic content is illegal, according to the laws of many nations.

2. Digital Goods:

From e-books to downloadable music, internet radio to internet television, all these are on the dark web. Now, the reason why some people prefer purchasing these products from the dark web is because they're sold at relatively lower prices than in the open web. To add, even those digital products which are rare on the surface web can be found on the dark web.

3. Drugs:

If there's any product that's dominant on the dark web, then it's drugs. Any kind of unlawful drugs, including MDMA, Crack, LSD, cocaine, and Fentanyl, are sold on the dark web. Most of the dark web markets actually focus on selling drugs. Drugs are also among the most on demand products being traded on the dark web.

4. Fake Degrees:

On the dark web, you can acquire a fake academic certificate such as a degree. This may help you in acquiring another certificate from any university and even securing a job. Fake certificates are produced by order.

5. Dark Web Fake passports:

Fake passports are also available on the dark web from any part of the globe. But using such an item is disastrous and it can land you in trouble. Remember you'll be walking with the passport and at one point the authorities can request for it. If they discover your tricks, you're doomed.

Other products

Some other products which you can get from the dark web include; fake coupons, hacked PayPal accounts, banned books, stolen credit card details, stolen vehicles, etc.
N/B: Before making any purchase from the dark web, remember it might not end well. Again, any day, any time, transactions are done in cryptocurrency.

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