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LimeVPN website was taken down by a Hacker

By Alex Nimoy July 4, 2021, 6:02 p.m.

What seemed to be a VPN backup database leak on LimeVPN's website now turns out it was a full-blown website breach. LimeVPN website was taken down by a hacker and more than 69,400 confidential information stolen.

How the website was taken down by a hacker

The information reaching our editorial desk reveals that LimeVPN's servers were hacked. This changes the plot of what had been thought to be a backup database leak. The hacker obtained more than 69,400 customer details which are now on sale on the dark web.

Now, some of the details which were stolen alongside LimeVPN's entire content includes passwords, usernames and payment details. Experts from Privacy Sharks reached out to the hacker who confirmed that the entire website was scrapped. We've also managed to see a screenshot of the leaked database. This affirms that the hacker is truly in control of the mentioned information.

The hacker confirmed that they easily managed to access the servers due to a security breach. Additionally, no human factor was involved. Remember, word had been going round that an old employee had a hand in this.

According to Privacy Sharks, to release the information being withheld, the hacker asked for a $400 Bitcoin payment. However, the company wasn't willing to part ways with that amount. The information is now on the black market and the highest bidder is going to take it home.

Remember, this drama started when a user identified as slashx advertised the entire LimeVPN's database for sale on a popular hacker forum. This incident has put VPN in a very embarrassing situation. Their credibility is now being questioned, leave alone the number of customers they've lost. It's now going to be very difficult to believe their narrative of putting customer's information private and secure. And in fact that's how they make their money.

Remember LimeVPN's no-logs policy? Well, it's undoubtedly going to be questioned. Because of this data breach, some customers will question the amount of their confidential information the company actually secures. Furthermore, it's now clear that "no-logs" do not have as much weight as had earlier been thought.

What does this breach mean for LimeVPN users?
Now, are you a LimeVPN user? Do you fear that you might have been affected by the breach? Well, we recommend that you change your credentials and if possible, order a new credit card. We discourage reaching out to the team for verification, because the hackers seem to be in control of almost everything. But if you do, ask if there is any compensation for those who have been affected.

Equally important, it's advisable to be observant when creating online accounts, especially if it involves the use of your personal details. Don't use a single password on multiple accounts. This makes it very easy for hackers to access most of your information at once. Still, if you can employ a password manager, the better. It helps in avoiding the consequences of a breach like this.

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