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Joker’s Stash Adds 1.3 Million Payment Cards Soon After Infrastructure Expansion

By Alex Nimoy Oct. 30, 2019, 3:22 p.m.

It was recently reported that Joker’s Stash has upgraded its servers and expanded infrastructures to accommodate a large volume of payment cards. Following this upgrade, they have uploaded over 1 million payment cards stolen from Indian cardholders.

This has become one of the largest card uploads in recent times, according to the report. Data breach has already accelerated in the last few months with many public and private institutions becoming victims. Joker’s Stash has ealier been linked to a number of high profile hacking incidents including the Walmart and the British Airways data breach.

According to the report, the researchers spotted the uploaded cards during their advertising process, and briefly realized that they were Indian payment cards. Considering that the cards were uploaded not long ago, they are yet to run a comprehensive analysis on them to identify the possible source of data breach. Even without a comprehensive analysis, they could tell that the payment card details were obtained through the installation of skimming devices on ATM or POS system.

This has become a course for concern as this method has been successfully executed by hackers to steal sensitive information for the past years.
The conclusion that the skimming devices were installed on ATMs was made because the card dumps included the Track 1 and Track 2. These are basically found on the payment cards magnetic stripes.

According to the report, it was unlikely that the skimming devices used to steal the payment cards detail were installed on websites. The researchers established that the presence of the Track 1 and Track 2 rules out the possibility that skimmers were installed on websites considering the fact that Track 1 and Track 2 were not involved in this operation.

The payment card information offered for sale on the dark web can be put in many use including identity theft which can seriously put victims at risk.
From the report, it was established that the Joker’s Stash is likely to make about $1.3 million from the sales as they sell each card for $100. Joker’s Stash is very popular in stolen payment cards business on the dark web. They basically deal in the sales of Personal Identifiable Information and Social Security Numbers.

The recent research revealed that the skimming device was not installed on a single ATM since the payment cards varies in terms of issuing banks. Multiple ATMs were targeted, and hopefully, the full report can give an extensive details.

As claimed by the report exclusively shared by the Group-IB with ZDNET, over 550,000 cards have been analyzed, and out of the current data, about 98% of the payment cards were issued by Indian Banks, and 1% were issued by Colombian banks.

From the analysis, it was stated that almost all of the analyzed cards were issued by a single Indian bank. They also explained that most similar card dumps were smaller in size, and included card information from different countries.

At the beginning of the year, 2.15 million Americans’ payment cards detail were uploaded by Joker’s Stash for sale. Not just that, they are infamously known for the 5.35 million stolen payment cards details of Hy-Vee customers uploaded for sale on the dark web.

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