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Italian Man Arrested by Carabinieri for Peddling Drugs on the Dark Web and Getting Paid in Bitcoins

By NoirDotAuthor March 2, 2021, 2:39 a.m.
Italian Man Arrested by Carabinieri for Peddling Drugs on the Dark Web and Getting Paid in Bitcoins

Authorites thanked to the intuition of a young I.T expert carabinieri (Italian paramilitary police) during the dark web monitoring activity

Tonight, at the end of a judicial police operation aimed at combating the sale of drugs, the carabinieri of the Alassio station and those of the Operational Section employee arrested a young 25-year-old ingauno, unemployed and with prior arrests, found in possession of more than 500 grams of marijuana, packaging material, an electronic scale and two cell phones considered by the military to be functional to its dealing activity.

Today’s arrest is the culmination of careful monitoring of the so-called “Dark Web”, an “underground” structure in which criminals from all over the world carry on their illicit trafficking.

In this “virtual shop” it is in fact possible to buy anything, such as weapons, drugs, false documents, share material with gory contents, such as child pornography films or other.

The passion, the insightful intuition, the talent and the attitude of a young Alassian carabiniere, an IT expert and committed to investigating, according to protocol, the contents of the web in general, including the “obscure” one, allowed the carabinieri to start a complex investigative activity in order to identify the “Culprit” and outline the circumstantial framework against him.

It was found that payments were not made using the usual traditional channels, but the so-called “crypto currency”, such as “Bitcoin”, which makes it difficult to track their movements.

The man after the formalities was taken to the Genoa Marassi prison, at the disposal of the Savona Judicial Authority.

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