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Is the Telegram a Dark Web Alternative

By Noir Aug. 2, 2021, 4:33 p.m.

The spotlight is limited on Telegram compared to its rivals. Thus, it has become a perfect back alley for crooks making it a dark web alternative. The app is highly helpful to criminals because:

  • It does not risk dealing on the dark web where one can be tracked easily.
  • It does not need technology.

Since WhatsApp got embroiled in controversies, users have been looking for alternative apps. The ones that have end-to-end encryption. Telegram is a fantastic choice. Cybersecurity researchers say that the app does not offer many options to its users. Even so, it needs to be kept in check.

Crimes Committed on the Dark Web Alternative

During this pandemic, experts highlighted Telegram as a gateway for black market transactions. From drugs like Remdesivir to COVID-19, vaccines are on sale to various groups in Telegram.
Before, data dumps got sold in the dark web’s dark market. Now, criminals opt for Telegram as it offers privacy protection. Besides, it is also immune to DDoS attacks
The following are some of the crimes committed in Telegram:


Daily, millions of movies get shared across Telegram. So then, GenZ thinks of the dark web alternative as a free version of any streaming platform.
WhatsApp’s users also found a haven in Telegram. They migrate to the app to share confidential files and information.

Child porn and revenge porn

Telegram has proactive measures. Yet, porn channels with subscribers are still active. The app faced a lot of heat after an AI bot-generated naked images of women. The photos got scraped out of social media handles and morphed into nude pictures.

Sale of illicit drugs

It is no longer a secret that drug dealers use Telegram groups to reach out to potential customers. An officer said that ordering drugs on Telegram is as easy as ordering pizza.

Is there a Way to Keep Telegram Safe?

The vpnMentor report mentioned that Telegram has taken “limited steps” to end hacking groups. Hackers use brute-force attacks to guess login data. They do not spend hours typing in random passwords. Nowadays, hacking technologies are more advanced.

Hackers can use software and hardware to perform a brute-force attack within seconds. In addition, the task is even easier if your password and username are predictable. Hackers can identify 15 million different phone numbers registered with Telegram.

Telegram has also become a haven for cryptocurrency fraud discussions. In some channels, some users blatantly sell social security cards or driver’s licenses. The material is used to help others bypass verification on cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, criminals use the material in money laundering through digital assets.
The Internal Services Revenue (IRS) is closely watching Telegram. According to IRS, the secretive chats on Telegram are worrying the authorities. This is because exchanges on the app can quickly shift stolen or dirty funds.
In January this year, Telegram hit 500 million active users for the first time. Anyone who witnesses the growth should have one thing on their mind. Telegram needs to be tamed before it’s too late.

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