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Is The Dark Web to Blame for Terrorism in Australia?

By Noir Sept. 22, 2021, 4:03 p.m.
Is The Dark Web to Blame for Terrorism in Australia?

There are claims that the dark web is the cause of terrorism in Australia. People believe that the darknet fueled the emergence of religious and ideologically motivated individuals. These cases increased during lockdowns. Read on to find out if the dark web is responsible for terrorism in Australia

Terrorists are increasingly using the internet to orchestrate their attacks. The worldwide network is now a powerful tool for terrorist organizations. It enables them to make new recruits and spread propaganda. Moreover, the terrorists use the internet to fund and plan their activities. The Australian government believes that the darknet increases terrorist activities within their borders.
Consequently, the government warned the citizens to stay alert on the terrorism threat. This is due to concerns about the role of the dark web in the issue. The minister of home affairs, Karen Andrews, issued the warning. She was at a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attack.
Andrews said that various locations should contend with the terrorism threat. Among these locations are shopping centers, sporting arenas, and airports.
"I don't say this to scaremonger – rather – to ensure we're clear-eyed about the threat; so, we can prepare now to safeguard all Australians from those who would do us harm," Andrews added.

The Threat of Terrorism in Australia

The state planned a meeting with the commonwealth and territory agencies in the coming weeks. This meeting aims to deal with the significant developments in tourism. One of these developments is the Taliban's leadership in Afghanistan. The administration will enable the country to become a harbor for terrorist groups.
Given such significant developments, Andrews called for unity among ministers. She said that the union would ensure that Australia takes the right steps against terrorism. "The safety and security of our citizens is a responsibility for all elected representatives – Commonwealth, State, and Territory," Andrews added.
Moreover, the minister argued that convicted terrorists also add to this threat. Large numbers of extremists convicted for terrorism will be released shortly. Therefore, Australia must urgently strengthen its terrorism laws.
Andrews said, "In Australia, there are 51 offenders serving jail sentences for terrorist offenses and another 32 before the courts. With several of these offenders are concluding their prison sentences in the next few years, the need for effective risk management measures to keep our community safe is greater than ever. It will be an important focus of mine."

But Is the Dark Web to Blame?

Terrorist organizations used to plan their activities using the surface web. However, the surface web became too risky for the terrorists. This is because law enforcement agencies can easily monitor and track their activities. So, the terrorists moved their activities to the dark web.
Through the dark web, terrorists recruit people and plan attacks. Additionally, terrorists use the darknet to spread propaganda and fund their activities. They can also trade weapons on dark market platforms. So, the dark web is probably to blame for terrorism in Australia.

Why Use the Darknet for Terrorist Activities?

The dark web is a concealed section of the internet that houses criminal activities. You need specific tools like Tor to access and transact on the dark web. Most individuals perceive the darknet as a dangerous section of the internet. This is because it harbors illegal activities. In the dark market, people trade drugs, weapons and even hire assassins.
Terrorists access the black market using the Tor Browser. Tor uses multilayer encryption to secure its online activities. Moreover, the encryption hides the footprints of their internet traffic. So, someone can't track the terrorists' dark market activities.
Moreover, the terrorists use cryptocurrency to trade on the dark web. The anonymity of digital coins complicates the work of the authority. The currencies make it challenging to identify individual transactions and connect them to users.

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