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Is My Safety Guaranteed Using A Vpn And Tor?

By Dr.Dang March 22, 2022, 7:16 p.m.
Is My Safety Guaranteed Using A Vpn And Tor?

This question is a bit challenging, but I would tell you YES! It's undeniable that the combination of Tor and a reliable VPN takes privacy to a whole new level. In Fact the use of Tor alone provides maximum privacy. But still, whether your safety is guaranteed with Tor and a VPN is still a point of discussion.

To start with, Tor has always been outstanding in matters of safety and online security. Tor is an ideal option for those who deal with certain kinds of sensitive information. When you combine it with a VPN, it becomes a more convenient and effective way to connect to the internet.

This combination puts together speed, convenience, and privacy at the same time. It is however worth noting that the needs of all online users are unique. Some people online need the security aspect while others are interested in the speed.  Some people also need a combination of all these aspects.

How does the combination of Tor and a VPN conceal your identity

By using Tor together with a VPN, your IP address will not be seen by the entry nodes ( the Tor server) when they're in the hidden network. The VPN, through their trust service, further ensures that no logs of your activities are kept or advertisements are served.

Another thing, it's very difficult to trace your online presence when you use a combination of these two. Your ISP won't be able to to keep a hold and track your internet activities. Your ISP will also not be able to find out what you're doing on the internet.

Again, the Tor nodes that you connect to can see your real IP address and verify your identity. Remember, Tor doesn’t require a VPN to function, but using one can do a lot for you. It helps encrypt and mask the entire traffic from your ISP; it is therefore safe from prying eyes. The use of Tor with a VPN makes for much safer surfing.

Can You Be Tracked On The Dark Web With Vpn?

Now, your activity online can still be monitored in some circumstances whenever you use Tor with a VPN. For instance, your ISP won’t know you’re using a VPN, but your VPN provider will). Using a VPN isn’t necessary, however, because ISPs can’t track your activities on the dark web.

Still, using a VPN makes it easier to remain anonymous, free, and secure online. The only thing that can be tied to your online behavior is using a VPN. You should always be cautious about revealing your identity due to the fact that the dark web is used by criminals and hackers.

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