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Is Dark0de Reborn Market Online on the Dark Web?

By J.Austine Oct. 25, 2021, 3:15 p.m.
Is Dark0de Reborn Market Online on the Dark Web?

The Market is a newish dark market. Dark0de reborn has a lot to offer. For instance, it has over 13,000 products and listings. Even so, drugs and digital categories cover around 90% of the listings combined.

The market has many unique categories to browse through. Moreover, it has a decent system for finding and sorting listings.  Dark0de’s system got developed from scratch, and it is easy to navigate around.
The marketplace is a bit old-fashioned. The reason is, it adheres to the account wallet system. In comparison, there is the newer pay-per-order system that gets employed by other dark markets. So then, that makes Dark0de prone to more hacking attempts. Furthermore, all deposited and escrowed customer funds could get included in an exit scam.
Still, the market seems happy with their 3.5% commission from every sale. Moreover, at the moment business is booming.

Dark0de Reborn Market’s Goal

Dark0de’s goal is “the greatest dark web e-commerce platform this market has ever seen.” Yet, only time can prove the market right or wrong. According to the market owners, sensitive information gets stored for a short period.  Moreover, they seem committed to offering a secure market experience.
The market is usually the victim of DDoS attacks. As a result, one encounters many captcha requests. This happens throughout your browsing experience. Further, they seem to kick in if a user stays on the same page for a minute or longer. After ten minutes of inactivity, you get logged out of your account.
All that makes browsing the website and placing orders frustrating. However, it is necessary so that the market stays up and running.
One of the new features of Dark0de is its Buyer Request system. At the moment, it is only in the beta stage. Yet, buyers can use it to create custom orders specifying the product they want. Also, they choose the quantity they need and the amount they are willing to pay.
In addition, it shows the city the buyer wants the order delivered. Because of that, sellers know where their products are in demand. Likewise, Dark0de has many unique features like these, some still under development. Hence, it shows the market has long-term plans.

Things to Note About Dark0de Reborn Market

Dark0de Reborn got founded in 2020. In order to have a successful experience in the market, you should know:
How to obtain, transfer, and store cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin and Monero
How to navigate through the Tor browser
Decrypting a PGP data
Further, one has to know what OPSEC is. In addition to that, how to use good privacy and security practices when connecting to Dark0de. For example, Dark0de suggests that to their market when using Tails OS. This is because it removes traces of your activity on Tor from your IP address.
Learn how to use Monero as it is one of Dark0de’s deposit options. The crypto uses more private blockchain than Bitcoin. So, it is difficult to track transactions back to their origins. Using Monero in dark markets instead of Bitcoin in 2021 is a standard OPSEC procedure.
One other thing, don’t forget to turn off JavaScript in your Tor browser. Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect to Dak0de.

How to Register an Account

There are two official URLs for Dark0de for now. To get started, a first-time visitor will want to click the Register button. You will notice that this market has a unique captcha system. After solving the captcha, follow the following steps:
First, create an account. This includes creating a public and private username, a PIN, and a password. Remember to pick a username that can’t get traced back to your real-life identity. Additionally, save your password somewhere secure.
Log in. After entering all the fields, click the “Create our account” option. Consequently, the main market screen will appear.
After creating an account, you will want to import your PGP public key. This is crucial to receive encrypted messages from other users. To do this, select the “Settings” option. Scroll down to where it indicates Add PGP key. Then paste your PGP public key and press “Confirm” to continue.
You will then have to decrypt a message your PGP private key.
You are now ready to start browsing Dark0de Reborn market. Still, some things can get adjusted through the Settings screen.

How to Make a Deposit on the Market

When it comes to customer funds, Dark0de uses the traditional wallet approach. Meaning that you will hold Bitcoin and Monero balances with the market. They will then get drawn to make a purchase. Notably, your deposit addresses change after each deposit. So, if you make another deposit to the same address, your coins will get lost.
Indeed, hold off on making a deposit until you find something you want to buy. Above all, don’t hold large balances for extended periods of time. We recommend transacting in Monero when buying any dark web-based products. The reason being, it is more privacy-centric than Bitcoin.
On the flipside, Monero is more challenging to get than Bitcoin. More so, it is harder to learn how to use. When you want to make a deposit, do the following:
Click on either Bitcoin or Monero, depending on the coin you are depositing. Your account amount will get displayed there once your deposit gets confirmed.
Here a deposit address will get presented to you. Again, this address is only suitable for one deposit. After receiving your first deposit, you will receive a new address.
After completing your deposit transaction, your account balance gets updated. A Bitcoin deposit takes between ten minutes to one hour. But a Monero deposit only takes a few minutes.

Browsing the Dark0de Reborn Market

Dark0de has a few listings spread out across categories and subcategories. This helps to narrow down the product selection to a corresponding relevant search. Dark0de’s subcategories include:
Vendors’ equipment
Network services
Civil software
When placing an order, Dar0de offers two payment options; Escrow and Finalize Early.
In conclusion, to minimize risks, use common sense and good security practices.

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