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HugBunter is Offering $1K for a CGMC Archive

By Alex Nimoy Oct. 5, 2019, 11:56 a.m.

HugBunter is offering a $1,000 reward for a copy of some or all of the data from Cannabis Growers & Merchants Cooperative, a market that unexpectedly exited earlier this year. The CGMC data will be used to complete Recon, a darkweb search engine with information from almost every major darkweb marketplace.

HugBunter, the developer of Dread, has almost finished creating a replacement for the original darkweb search engine, Grams. His project, Recon, is nearly complete. He has imported vendor reviews, PGP keys, and other information from almost every major darkweb marketplace. Recon, in its current state, is missing vendor data from CGMC. He has been searching privately for a scrape of the market for months without success. Below is the message posted on Dread about the reward.
If anyone out there has any scrapes of CGMC that includes at minimum the following:
• Vendor username
• PGP Key
• Total sales/feedback
I am offering a 1k bounty for this scrape as the data is required for archival purposes. Please get in touch and anyone who is willing to further fund this bounty it would be really appreciated as it may encourage anyone with access to academic archives of such data to come forward and supply this.
An extra $500 if the scrapes include the vendor’s feedback and is dated between 2018-2019.
This is one of the only established markets I am missing crucial data for and research has led me to believe there are no public archives available. I have high hopes that there are even phishers out there that this post can appeal to as you may have a static copy of the market you used for phishing purposes.

The Frontpage of CGMC
I held off on scraping them due to their implementation of my API for gathering this data, however their untimely closure meant that I was left without it.
I would also be interested to hear from anyone who has an AlphaBay scrape that is more up to date than that of Gwern’s archives, possibly a 2016⁄2017 scrape. I am aware of the existance of multiple academic scrapes for this, which I would not be able to access.
Before it is suggested, Michael McKenna and Sigi Goode’s 2017 AlphaBay scrape does not contain any relevant data.

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