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How to Stop Hackers From Gaining Access to Your Company's Accounts

By J.Austine Nov. 15, 2021, 10:32 p.m.
How to Stop Hackers From Gaining Access to Your Company's Accounts

Ever thought of the manner in which most attackers hack and gain access to your personal or online accounts? Is how to stop them giving you a headache? Now, very many ways exist, however the most common way is by using the right password. Unbelievable, right? But that's the reality.

How to Stop Hackers From Gaining Access to Your Company's Accounts

Criminals can access your online accounts because they already have or can easily guess your login credentials. That said and done, how can you then stop hackers from gaining access to your online accounts? In this article, we got you sorted, just make sure you read up to the end.
Now, it's so unfortunate that most of us make it too easy for criminals to access our accounts. Listed below are ways which criminals can use to hack into our systems.

Buying information on the dark web

One of the most common, and surprisingly the easiest way for criminals to hack your account by purchasing credentials obtained during data breaches. So what information about you has landed on the dark web? Find out here! You might get shocked to realise that there's lots of information out there about you that you don't even know. Most of the information obtained during major data breaches always ends up on the dark web.
According to studies, After a data breach,hackers use the same password and email combinations obtained to hack into the victim's other accounts. Further reports attaches  almost 80% of hacking incidents to stolen information from the dark web.
So what can you do to avoid this? Well, it's advisable to have a different and strong password for each online account. Most people have the tendency of using the same username/ password combination for multiple accounts. This way, if any of your credentials end up in the wrong hands, it limits the number of damages criminals can cause.

Brute force attacks

If you're a target and your credentials aren't on the dark web, hackers can employ the Brute Force Technique. Here, hackers use automated software to try a wide range of possible passwords. Generally, passwords below 12 characters are very easy to hack and criminals can easily get access. In most cases, hackers hit the jackpot in seconds because many people like using passwords like 12345 or abcdef.
So what can you do to avoid this? Remember, the longer the password, the safer you are. Make sure to mix lower and upper case letters, numbers and even symbols with 15 or more characters.

Dictionary attacks

Here, the hacker attempts to guess their victims credentials through a prearranged list of words. This mostly works if the password you're using is a common word. It's unfortunate that only uncommon words or phrases escape this type of attack.
So what can you do to avoid this? Use a combination of words with symbols and numbers throughout your password.


This is another common tactic hackers use. Here, the hacker tries to trick users into revealing personal information. For example, a text may come to your social media account or your email telling you something is wrong with the account. They'll redirect you to a new website and prompt you to enter your credentials. Most people usually fall for this.
So what can you do?
Be on the lookout for phishing attempts. Don't share your credentials with anybody however persuasive they may be. Beware of unsolicited emails. Most companies will not ask for your credentials especially through email, so always be alert.

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