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How to Keep Your Information Off the Dark Web

By J.Austine Oct. 12, 2021, 9 p.m.
How to Keep Your Information Off the Dark Web

Information such as your email account credentials is valuable on the darknet. The reason being, cybercriminals on the dark web monetize the data. They sell it to the highest bidder without concerns on how it’ll get used. So then, that is the human impact of a data breach. As a result, it is crucial to keep your data off the dark web.

The dark web and its dark markets are not a myth. For instance, you’ve even heard of activists use the platform for anonymous communications. The Tor browser enables the anonymity. So, one click of a phishing link email and your data may get accessed by hackers. Because of that, the best way to avoid a breach is with security awareness.
As an organization, you should stay protected from data breaches. In other words, your organization should be cyber-secure and well aware. Also, remember that the darknet is always operational, and hackers don’t take days off.

How to Keep Your Data Safe and off the Dark Web

First of all, use two-step authentication on all online accounts, even social media. In addition to using a password manager, you’ll also want the site to verify it’s you. For example, by sending a code to your email or phone.
Moreover, track your credit card regularly. Do so by setting up alerts to notify you of any inquiries or accounts. In case of any hitches, report to the relevant financial institution. Additionally, freeze the credit card to avoid further damage.
Further, have a plan in place in case your data gets breached. Above all, always know that you can fall, victim. Then, execute your plan if the breach happens. As an example, you can freeze your accounts and alert authorities.
As an added precaution, run a dark web scan. This enables you to see if your information is already out there. Furthermore, it can get done for both your business and personal information.
In an organization, ensure all applications and operating systems are secure and updated. In addition, install anti-spam and malware protection software. Likewise, build a cyber-aware culture with regular campaigns and communication. Hence, encourage employees to learn about the dark web and data breaches. Thus, the more employees are aware, the more alert they are to threats.

What to do if Your Data Lands on the Dark Web

You may get confused if you receive a notification that your data is on the darknet. Unfortunately, there is little you can do. After all, you can’t confront dark web administrators about the issue.
Still, you can take some measures to make it harder for criminals to use the data. If someone gets their hands on your account details, you can take a security step. Again, you can use two-factor authentication. In this case, a password alone won’t be helpful to hackers.

How Much Does Stolen Data go For on the Black Market

Generally, credit card credentials go for as little as $12. Meanwhile, banking credentials with a minimum if $2000 go for about $65. All payments are usually in form of cryptocurrency which is hard to track.

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