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How To Curb Ransomware Attacks

By Noir Sept. 21, 2021, 6:38 a.m.
Sydney Conman Accussed of Selling Personal Information on the Dark Web

Ransomware attacks have been a prevalent crime in recent days. Dark web hackers are using this trick to break into a computer system of a firm. They encrypt the data then ask to release the data for a fee.

How ransomware attacks are planned

The recent happening at Colonial Pipeline company shows the worst is yet to happen. After the hackers made their way into the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S system, the company had to pay some ransom. The C.E.O – Joseph Blount admitted that after the occurrence of the fuel shortage across the East coast, $5 million was paid to the hackers.
Going by this trend, cybercriminals will continue to steal information from businesses when committing ransomware attacks. Then in turn threaten to leak the information to darknet sites or sell it all together making the victims panic to pay them.
According to Cybersecurity Ventures, by 2031 ransomware damage costs would exceed $265. The main target will be consumers, businesses, and devices every two seconds. The projection for 2021 is at $20 billion in total; costs that are a 57x leap from the year 2015.
The statistics are shocking, making it a necessity for businesses and other people to take into account precautionary measures. However, the masses are still the problem because they don't comply with security measures to curb the attacks. This calls for all organizations to work on their privacy to protect their data and prevent ransomware.

Ways to Curb Ransomware Attack

Everyone has to play a diligent role in fighting ransomware crime. Hackers use all schemes to sneak their ransomware onto networks and devices. And the schemes are evolving making it a requisite for organizations to prevent the attacks using the following ways:
Train employees on ways of spotting scams by offering training programs and educating them on regular cybersecurity awareness. Let the trainees know how to recognize potential threats, the recent attacks happenings, and guidance on impending threats. This way, employees will be better placed to handle any attack.
Reinforce company policies. This involves setting policies that ensure user credentials confidentiality is met for all security personnel and IT. It can have strong passwords and user authentication processes.
Consider using software for all your application services. Using such applications can help a company prevent ransomware attacks when using applications file-sharing options instead of using email attachments.
Educate your employees on macros. This is applicable in Adobe PDF and Microsoft 365 where you shouldn’t click on enable macros if you suspect an attachment to be malicious.
Make all security incidents easy to report. Do not discourage employees from talking about any malice they suspect on a link or attachment.
Make everyone in an organization understand physical security regarding the devices and facilities. For example, a stolen laptop can lead to a breach in the network that aids a hacker to easily steal credentials.
Have a recovery plan for all attacks. Even though you may have not encountered a ransomware attack, have plans for it. The prior plan will make it easier for you to stand up when an attack happens.

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