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How To Access The Deep Web Safely In 2022

By Dr.Dang March 24, 2022, 7:02 p.m.
How To Access The Deep Web Safely In 2022

The dark web and deep web often make headlines in news outlets. Yet, you might wonder what the deep web is because they never offer exact explanations. All you get is that the deep web is a platform where you can buy illegal goods anonymously.

However, the deep web satisfies various needs. It enables access and hosting of digital content and facilitates various illegal activities. And you can do all this away from the prying eyes of law enforcement.
Various myths exist about the dangers of the dark web and deep web. Such myths make people think that it's dangerous and difficult to access the platforms. But the fact is, there's nothing dangerous about accessing the sites. Accessing the dark web and the deep web is surprisingly straightforward. Read on to know more about the deep web and how to access it safely.

What Is the Deep Web?

The deep web refers to the non-indexed websites irretrievable by traditional search engines. So, getting hold of the deep web site addresses is more of a manual process. It comprises 13% Intranet sites and 33% onion sites of various categories. The majority (54%) consists of publicly available databases
Generally, the deep web is a wide ocean of websites. Most databases and websites are contrary to what you think of the deep web. Yet, the deep web sites highly outnumber those on the surface web.
You can find deep web site addresses in several ways. You can get them through purpose-built search engines such as Torch or Ahmia. Also, you can obtain them through word of mouth or unique message boards on the surface web.
What Is the Difference Between the Dark Web and the Deep Web?
Most people use the terms dark web and deep web interchangeably. While this might be accurate based on the underlying tech, the terms are different. As mentioned earlier, the deep web consists of non-indexed websites. Contrarily, the dark web is a specific section of the deep web where you can perform illegal activities.

How To Access The Deep Web Safely

The easiest way to access the deep web is through the Tor network. First, you need a browser that can use the Tor protocol. Some apps that support the Tor protocol include Brave and the Tor Browser.
You can also use traditional browsers like chrome and Firefox. But the traditional browsers require a separate plugin installation. Let's use Tor as an example for this guide.

Step 1: Download the Tor Browser

The first tool to help access the deep web is the Tor Browser. You can download the browser from the Tor Project's website. After that, install the application using the .EXE file.

Step 2: Connect to the Tor network

After launching the browser, you'll see a window that allows you to configure the Tor connection. You can go through the process or skip it by clicking "connect."

Step 3: Key in or paste the web address you wish to access

After configuring your connection, you'll see a window that resembles a standard web browser. You can key in the web address and paste it into the search bar. Press 'Enter,' and the site will load like the regular surface web. With these three steps, you'll be surfing the deep web.
Evidently, accessing the deep and dark web isn't as challenging as it sounds. Moreover, accessing the sites is as legal as it can get. So don't be threatened by the myths in the streets. While some use the sites for illegal acts, there are legitimate reasons to access the deep web. It comes in handy in nations with poor digital privacy like the US.

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