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How Does RSK Smart Contracts Work?

By Alex Nimoy Oct. 2, 2019, 11:53 a.m.

The technology Blockchain is changing the world. Sectors as diverse as government, agriculture, medicine, and education and of course the finances are being affected by this technology. And one of the pillars of this transformation is the contracts with smart, as the RSK. In simple terms, a contract for intelligent or “Smart Contract” is a contract of automatic execution. That is to say, contracts are contracts where the terms set out in this are carried out without the intervention of the parties of the same. But they are digital instruments, technology-based Blockchain, and with high safety standards.

Contracts traditional are drafted by a lawyer in normal language. For its part, the smart contracts are computer programs that are programmed for automatic execution. Therefore, it is understood that in order to sign a contract to smart, and that this would be executed, one does not need an intermediary. The entire process is shielded by the code. And of course, what gives even more security to this code is the use of the Blockchain. Therefore, this facilitates the implementation and fastness of the smart contract.
Of course, this has opened the door to the emergence of companies specialized in contracts smart. And it would be RSK, a firm dedicated to the creation of smart contracts using the Blockchain of Bitcoin. Thus, RSK offers services in the government sector, finance, insurance, real estate, logistics and even art. By using their services you can from creating insurance payments automatic, to ensure the authenticity of a work of Picasso. To do this you just have to follow three simple steps. First, you need to download a node of RSK in your computer. Then, you have to download a wallet virtual compatible with RSK, which will be used throughout the process. And finally, you can now start developing your first smart contract.

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