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How CannaHome Market Closed Down

By Dr.Dang May 26, 2022, 4:23 p.m.
How CannaHome Market Closed Down

CannaHome Market was arguably one of the biggest markets in the dark web. It was majorly known as a weed and a cannabis market. CannaHome Market was started to replace the legendary CGMC after its exit. The market is however rumoured to have come back as CannaHome. The latter was the exact replica of the former. Same admin, same vendors and same back end and design. The only difference is that it came with a different name and that it only allowed sales from and to the US. In this article, we're discussing in details how CannaHome market went down.

CannaHome's main goal after coming back was to offer a safe space for mushroom and cannabis consumers. It was infact the biggest mushroom and cannabis market during it's days of operation. Only problem is that it focused on the US market. So most vendors outside the US didn't get a chance to operate on the market.  The market reportedly decided to concentrate much on the US market to avoid complications and more issues with the authorities.

<u>CannaHome also accepted only the most trusted vendors</u>in the game. For example, only vendors with over 500 sales in other markets and a rating of 4.95 were considered. They also considered the experience one has in the dark web operations before being allowed to operate as a vendor in the market. So there were very few fraud cases on the market. So CannaHome was without doubt one of the best markets in the States. 

CannaHome Closed

A while ago, in April 2022, CannaHome through its administrators announced it's shut down. In a Post published on the dread forum in early April titled 'Important Announcement', they explained the reason for their retirement in a detailed post. 

The post read in part"...It’s been 2-1/2 great years, but now it’s time for us to move onto the next phase of our lives. Scientific fact: 1 year in normal time = 10 years in darknet market admin time. In other words, we’re 25 years older now or at least it feels that way. Today, we’re beginning the process of closing down CannaHome. For everyone’s safety, we’ll be doing this fast and efficiently. The CannaHome website will go dark 14 days from today…"

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