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Google: Tech giant asks users to delete nine Facebook password stealing apps

By Noir July 7, 2021, 2:39 p.m.

In its continuing efforts to ensure that it's users are safe, Google is again at the neck of some Android application developers. The technology giant has deleted nine applications from the play store directory.
Google: Tech giant asks users to delete nine Facebook password stealing apps

Google: Tech giant asks users to delete and deletes nine apps from play store

Google has reportedly cleared the waves that it has deleted nine applications from it's play store. The California based multinational technology company took this bold step after details emerged that Trojans had been stealing details of Facebook users.

The malware which had more than 5.8 million downloads collectively had titles like "Horoscope Daily'' and "Rubbish Cleaner". They were thus not troublesome to identify, further reports suggest. Now, to obtain users' login information, the app is programmed to load the real Facebook sign-in page. Users are therefore tricked into entering their details.

Consequently, the program would hijack the details and pass them to the apps which transfers them to the command server. Apart from the login details, the Trojans were also stealing cookies. And in most cases, Facebook was the main target. Otherwise creators of the malware were also capable of directing users to other internet services. Most of these information were reported to be on sale on the dark web.

The deleted apps

Not the first time that Google: Tech giant asks users to delete apps. Among the deleted apps, PIP photo is the most popular, with the highest number of downloads. It has more than 5 million downloads. Processing photo comes second with more than 500,000 downloads.
Below are all the nine apps which were caught stealing Facebook users' information:

PIP Photo (5,000,000+ downloads)
Processing Photo (500,000+ downloads)
Rubbish Cleaner (100,000+ downloads)
App Lock Keep (50,000+ downloads)
Lockit Master (5,000+ downloads)
Horoscope Pi (1,000 downloads)
App Lock manager (10 downloads)
Inwell Fitness (100,000+ downloads)
Horoscope Daily (100,000+ downloads)

Further reports

Google reported that it has banned all the creators of the apps from the store so that they can't publish any new apps. However, it further reported that the ban wasn't a sure solution since the perpetrators could create new developer accounts. Google would therefore need to screen the malware so that hackers do not try to use it ever again.

Now, the major question is how these apps managed to amass so many downloads before they were pulled down. According to various sources, Google's automated screening system typically protects the play store against a lot of malware. In this case however, subtle techniques of these apps might have enabled the malware to go past these barricades.

What next for Android users

If you have installed any of the above apps on your Android device, you are advised to uninstall them immediately. Plus, reset your Facebook password and enable 2-step verification, just to be on the safe side.

Equally important, Android users are advised to install apps from developers who they trust. Always pay much attention to the reviews to have a clue of what the app entails. And if you suspect any app is suspicious, skip.

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