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Google says Russian hackers are behind new Brexit Leak Website

By Dr.Dang June 7, 2022, 9:53 p.m.
Google says Russian hackers are behind new Brexit Leak Website

Google now says that Russian based hackers are behind the newly released Brexit Leak Website. According to their <u>Cybersecurity</u> officials, Russian hackers are attached to a new website that published leaked emails from many leading proponents of Britain's exit from the European Union.

Google says Russian hackers are behind new Brexit Leak Website

The website is named " Very English Coop d'Etat ''. And it published private emails from former British Spy master Richard Dearlove. Other affected websites include leading Brexit Campaigner Gisela Stuart, Pro Brexit historian Robert Tombs and other supporters of Britain divorce from the EU,which was finalized in January 2020.

Two victims of the leak blamed the Russian government after they were confirmed targeted by the hackers. Dearlove said that he was watchful of a Russian Operation against a proton account that consisted of emails to and from him. He also told the Reuters that leaked materials should be treated with caution.

Tombs said in an email that they were "aware of the Russian disinformation based on illegal hacking. Start,who chaired Britain's vote leave Campaign in 2016, didn't return emails. The director of Google's Threatened Analysis Group,Shane Huntley, told Reuters that the "English Coop" website was linked to "cold River" , a Russian based hacking group. He added that they are able to see that through Technical Indicators. The entire Operation has "clear technician links" between one another,he said.

<u>The Russian embassies in London and Washington</u> failed to return emails seeking comments. Other Brexit supporters whose emails were mistrusted for being circulated on the website failed to respond to emails. Britain's Foreign Office that handles media queries for M16, also declined to comment.

Emails Still Unidentified

How the emails were obtained is still unidentified and the website hosting them was unable to explain who was behind the leakage. ProtonMail declined a comment that stated" The leaked messages appeared to be exchanged using ProtonMail".
Unfortunately, <u>Reuters</u> was unable to verify Google's assessment about a Russian link to the website. A cybersecurity expert,Thomas Ride at Johns Hopkins University also commented on the incident. He said the site was recollective of past-hack and leak operations accredited to Russian hackers.

" What jumps out at me is how similar the M.O is to Guccifer 2 and DC leaks," he uttered referring to two of the sites that spread the leaked emails stolen from Demands in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential elections.

"It looks very familiar, including the sloppiness", he said. If the leaked Messages are authentic, it would be the second time that the suspected Kremlin spies have stolen private emails from Senior British national security officials and published them online.

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