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Google Rolls Out New Features Including Dark Mode

By Noir Sept. 21, 2021, 6:39 a.m.
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The dark mode feature is already on Google Calendar and Gmail. Google also introduces other features. The features, including dark mode, are to make devices more secure and convenient.

We all can agree that dark mode creates a better viewing experience in low-light conditions. Moreover, it reduces brightness and potentially reduces eye strain. Even changes to Twitter's dark mode back in February caught people unawares. Its dark mode feature from the blues got even darker. Indeed, Google is improving its app's appearance with features including dark mode.
So then, Google is enabling the feature for Google Chat Progressive Web App. Also, Google Chat on the web will have a dark mode. Some apps already support the dark mode theme. For example, iOS and Android apps for Google chat. In addition, the messaging platform built into Gmail also features dark mode.

How to Activate Them

Users can activate the Dark Mode feature by just selecting "Dark Mode." The option is available in Theme Settings that is within the Settings menu.
The feature will be available to the following:
All Google Workspace customers
G Suite Basic customers
Business customers
Similarly, Google also announced a new feature. The feature allows admins to limit external messaging to trusted domains in Google Chat. "Trusted domains for Chat allows you to limit external chat to only users in domains that you trust," the app explained.
Before, organizations could only consider allowing external chat or not. Now, they can also consider limiting external conversation to parties in trusted domains. Besides, this can help the appropriate users communicate with stakeholders they need to work with. Furthermore, they help to prevent undesired or inappropriate external chats.
The feature will be available to:
Education Fundamentals
Google Workspace Essentials
Business Starter
Education Plus
Enterprise Essentials
Enterprise Standard

Pros of the new features

Dim the lights, close your eyes and save your energy. Generally, Dark Mode is one of the most influential trends in design. This is because the feature reduces eye strain. We all can agree that you are not supposed to feel your eyes. Even so, when you stare at a computer screen for a long while, you start to.
As a result, Computer Vision Syndrome includes blurred vision and headaches. However, the dark mode can literally reduce the pain.
Also, dark mode saves battery life. Since dark mode uses an increased number of black pixels, it makes the device consume less power. On that note, it also makes it easier to see content in low-light situations.
The dark mode also reminds users that they are doing something a little healthier. In turn, this brings about a good feeling. You can compare the feeling to the one you get when you load up a reusable water bottle.

Browsers with the Dark Mode Feature

Such browsers include Google, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Tor. Now, the Tor Browser is essential when wanting to access the dark web. Otherwise, known as the darknet, the dark web can't get accessed by conventional search engines. So, then, Tor comes in.
Tor works by anonymizing your web traffic using the Tor network. For this reason, it protects your online identity hence maintaining your privacy. If you are planning to use Tor, we recommend not using plugins or addons. The reason being, they may bypass the browser and compromise your privacy.
In conclusion, Google said that the new features it unveils make Android phones more convenient for users.

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